Polar H10 longevity

I like this, happy with everything but its either eating batteries or the strap is on its way out.

I dual record zwift and garmin when running and garmin/ tr when cycling. its okay for the first hour but then starts dropping off.

Fresh batteries doesnt seem to cure the problem. all firmware up to date

thoughts or experiences?

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Mine failed - as did the replacement. Wahoo Tickr 2 has been flawless so far.

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After 1 year mine suddenly started to drop frequently …then i realized the the strap had some tears that when i started to sweat a lot signal went nuts and started to drop. Bought a generic strap and problem was solved.

I’m going on 2.5yrs with my H10 and no real issues to speak of, and very few battery changes too. I’ve been really happy with it.

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Do you detach the pod from the strap when not in use?

i flip one end off when not in use

I dont know why but i was dettaching only one end and batery was still eating… then started to dettach both ends and it lasts months…

Have to say, I never detach mine at all. Use it every single day for a HRV reading and most days for a bike ride

Very happy with both OH1 and H10 from Polar. 2 years of heavy use without problems.


I detach pod every time not in use. Wash strap occasionally.

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Mine eats batteries nonstop.
I will probably upgrade to a dual reporting unit like the tickr when the H10 kills its current battery.

Battery lasts 400 hours of use. So for me, about 6 months.

I do not have it a whole year already, I think about 9 months now. Always detach pod from strap. Have replaced batteries two times already. But, I ride about 12-15k a year, and I also wear it when going out for recovery walks. TICKR same amount of battery replacements. Have been washing the strap every week. So far, so good. fingers crossed…

I’ve been impressed with the performance of the Polar H10, but I find that after about 8 months of use (6 days a week) I always tend to get start getting erratic readings (more noticeable when running). Even after a battery change I start to see these kind of readings (this was a consistent effort on a flat(ish) run):

After replacing just the strap part of the HRM it starts working perfectly again for about another 8 months. It’s starting to get pricey, so I’ve just bought a Tickr to see if that lasts any longer.

the h10 dual.reports 2 bluetoorh, ant plus and the old polar protocal for gym equipment

thats what i was thinking 30 quid for a strap and your buying the device again every 18 months, i have a tickr x as well however its just not as comfortable. i have an OH1 ( i use the OH1 for swimming and the H10 for the pain cave. the tickr x lives in the office for lunch runs.

@marco_alt - I know you’ve had plenty of use with the Polar H10 - have you also seen problems with erratic readings starting after less than a year of use?

Hi! I have H7 that I used for years without problems but my H10 are all relatively new, so at this stage I haven’t experienced issues. I find that the lack of screws makes it more durable than other sensors (for example some Garmin straps), but there might be other issues. Could also be bad luck :slight_smile: despite quality control and all, there’s always variability between sensors