Latest Wahoo Tickr dropout issues

I’ve been using Wahoo Tickr’s for a couple years now. Recently requested a new heartrate strap since my previous version Tickr’s strap broke where the button snap is. They sent me a new strap, but also a brand new version of the Tickr for my trouble. I was excited because it’s new, it must be better. I connect all my devices via ANT+ because I run both Trainerroad and Zwift simultaneously, but I think Bluetooth may be equally inconsistent. The first time I used the new Tickr, I noticed there was a long period in my workout where the heartrate was the same, basically a flat line. I also noticed that it would dip down in the middle of an interval, which is obviously not what my heart is doing and wouldn’t match any of the other intervals. So I submitted a warranty claim and they sent another new one. I used that one seemingly fine for a couple of rides and this morning, it seemed to do the same. Take a look at this workout and you’ll see what I mean. The old Tickr did not do this. You might suggest that it’s a dropout, but a) I didn’t have this issue before and b) it’s not a gap in data, it’s just the wrong data.


Anyone else have any trouble with the new Tickrs?

There’s been a few beta firmware releases rolling in for the new Tickrs. Most are still password protected in the app though. Ping Wahoo again with data to see if they’ll get you onto the newer fw to see if it helps.


I’ve had this happen with a couple different Tickrs, one old and a new one I just bought a few weeks ago. No idea what causes it, but it usually would stall like this at the beginning of a workout and then kick in after about 5 minutes. I think making sure I have good contacts at the start helps, but I’m not sure.

ETA: I’ve had problems with static HR with both the old and new Tickrs, but this sort of “intermittent” static HR has only happened on my new one. It’s super frustrating.

I had this issue with the TICKR V2 - returned mine and got a new one which solved the issue.

I’ve always found Tickrs very sensitive to RF interference. Outside, no issues, but indoors can have trouble if a lot of streaming and apps going with fans.