Vacation training modification

Hey all, we’ll be taking an impromptu vacation (as best as a vacation can be given the current circumstances) and just wanted to get some input on the training schedule. I’ve searched the posts and read the article on training interruptions but just looking for some reassurance I guess. Just finished up week 5 yesterday of SSBMVII and this week (week of 7/20) would be my recovery week. We leave on Saturday 7/25 and will be back on Thursday 7/30. Probably won’t be doing any cycling during this time. Realistically won’t be back on the bike until Friday 7/31 so 6 days off. My thought was repeating week 5 this week and then adding an additional ride on Friday to frontload a tad and then use the week we will be away as the recovery week. When we get back thinking of keeping the rides at the endurance level over the weekend and then begin the ramp test/build phase the week of 8/3. I can tell I’ve made some positive gains over this stretch and would like to keep the momentum going. Does this sound like an appropriate plan? Nor training for anything specifically at this time. I appreciate any feedback…

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Yes Sound right.
Take the recovery week during the vacation and repeat week 5 in the recovery week, as long as you do not feel burnt out.
The one thing to remember is that during the week vacation, Blood plasma volume will drop a bit, so when you come back from vacation, it will feel harder initially and you may not have recovered full blood plasma volume by the time you do the ramp test. (Takes about a week to get back previous level)

What happens inside your body to provide FTP increases?

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Thank you for the response. I’ll repeat week 5 this week and do my best to keep this going. Appreciate the link, did not realize that and I’ll give it a read. I was concerned about being a little flat come ramp test time. I’ll have a few days when we return to ride prior to the ramp test. Do you think those rides should be kept at an endurance level or should I bump it up a few notches? Thanks again…

You will be rested from vacation. I would do …

  1. X1 Lower sweetspot 88% (1 hour) Even Eclipse (88 to 94%)
  2. Next day active recovery 60-75% 1 hour.
  3. Next day Endurance. 1 hour

Then Do the ramp test

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Really appreciate it, thanks!

yup, nailed it! Go with this option for sure. Or just get some practice making up your own for this week.
Mon recovery
Tues Hard workout
Wed endurance
Thursday Moderate workout
Friday Free Big Ride!!

Have a great vacation, stay safe!


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Thanks Brendan! Really appreciate the feedback and well wishes, sounds like I was on the right track. It’s been the better part of a year since I’ve had that much time away from the bike, really been making some good progress as of late and just don’t want to loose that forward momentum. But hey, we’re fortunate enough to get away for a short time and we’ll make the most of it, rest for the mind and the body. I looked at your link, seems your from TN, we’re actually heading down to Fairfield Glade, TN from Ohio.