Travel lined up with Recovery Week/end of training phase, what should I do?

Last week I had to travel for work, which lined up with the end of a training phase, so all my workouts were endurance spins which I missed. Is it best to move my entire Plan down by moving all workouts forward a week or just skip the recovery rides I missed and start this week with the new phase and Ramp Test?

Enjoy your vacation/ travel as recovery week but make sure you’re recovering and not walking all day everyday or stressed from work. I wouldn’t change the plan at all.

Following. I regularly do this, that is try hard to arrange biz trips with a recovery week. But I ain’t no coach, just a fellow athlete with a real life, and a real job. If I cannot arrange it I will do my best to put in a few really big hard days leading right up to the moment I leave. Then have a mini recovery week of sorts. Most of my trips are 4 or 5 days.
BTW, Covid killed my biz travel up until now and I have had the best 2 years of consistent training ever! That has been a silver lining of covid for me.