TR scheduled a recovery week immediately after a two week scheduled vacation

Hey guys,

As the title suggests TR scheduled a recovery week immediately after a two week scheduled vacation. And as it’s my first week back I’d like to do some volume + intensity. In doing that I assume it’ll make the next block 5 weeks before another recovery week.

Anyone else have this issue?


If ya feel good use train now. Even better go ride outside where it’s a lot more fun.

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Hey there,

It looks like you got that recovery week thrown in so that your plan has a better run leading up to your A event later on this season.

A recovery week this week would then keep the usual 3 weeks “on,” 1 week “off” in order for the remainder of your plan.

I was checking out your Calendar and I think you have a couple of options here:

  • Keep this week as a recovery week – it looks like you were still training during your vacation, and that training combined with the stress of travel could lead to excess fatigue as you continue on.

  • If you’re feeling good after all that travel and want to get back into things, you could do the volume and intensity you’re planning on – but it would be a good idea to move your recovery week down the line to a spot that would work more conveniently for you. This may mean that one of your blocks may have to be 2 weeks “on” or 5 weeks “on” instead of 3 as it usually is. I’d usually lean towards the more conservative option in this case, but it’s ultimately up to you and how you’re feeling!