Advice on missing a week of Training Plan

I have had a surprise week away with work thrown at me in a couple of weeks time and ideally, as we all do, I want to ensure my plan remains as optimal as possible. The ten days that I will be away are; Sunday through to week on Tuesday meaning I’ll be able to train again on Wednesday. My week prior to going away is the week 4 (recovery week) of GBMV. The actual week I would miss would be the first week back, after the recovery week (week 5), which includes the ramp test, plus the Tuesday on the following week.

Is it a good idea to do week 3 twice in a row and have recovery week whilst I’m away? Or maybe have the ramp test week before and the recovery after?

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

I would replace the recovery week with an intensity week. Ideally the next one up.

So exchange it for the week with the ramp test, but replace the ramp test for a Vo2 workout and test once I’m back home?

Yes, exactly. Pretty much another week of work before you rest. Then continue as planned.

I did something similar this year with sustained power build. Reason we’re work and a vacation.

Sounds like the most logical decision. Thanks for the speedy reply.

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