Adjusting plan around vacation

Looking for advice on how to modify my current plan. I’m currently on week 3 of General Build MV, and its scheduled to finish the week of April 9. I’m set to go on vacation the week of April 22 so I’d like to coordinate the final recovery week from the build with my vacation week. The problem is that i then have 2 weeks to fill in after the last hard week of the build before my trip. I plan on starting the specialty phase once I return from vacation. Any recommendations on how to fill those two weeks?

Hey Kyle!

You have a couple of options here, but you might consider repeating a portion of your Build phase for those two weeks. Looking at your plan, you’re carrying a lot of TSS into week 7.

If you’re successfully completing all of your workouts, we’d say you should repeat week 7 (the one that’s on week 14 of your Calendar) one more time, then double up recovery by doing week 8 before your vacation (pull week 17’s workouts to week 16).

If you are planning to ride on your vacation, do some light fun rides outdoors and keep things mellow. You won’t lose any fitness over this time if you keep your legs spinning, and having a bit of time off just means you won’t be actively gaining any either. Have fun!

@larry I am in a similar predicament from sweet spot training. This is what I’m scheduled to do right now:

Week of 3/25: Sweet Spot Base 1 Recovery Week
Week of 4/2: Scheduled to Start Sweet Spot Base 2
Week of 4/7: Vacation 4/10 - 4/14

I was thinking repeating SSB1 Week 4 on 3/25, and repeating SSB1 Week 5 on 4/2. Then using week 4/7 as recovery and riding at resort/around town. Then starting SSB2 on 4/14.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

As long as you’re not too fatigued, repeating a couple weeks of SSB will do no harm and will help you line up perfectly with your vacation in your schedule. That looks like a great plan, enjoy your vacation!

Excellent, thanks @larry!

Similar question here that i was hoping someone could shed some light on.

I’m finishing SSBMV1 on the friday before a week away. Therefore, i’ll have a “dead week” after my “recovery week (week 6)” before I do my FTP test for SSBMV2. I’ll maybe do a casual ride or two when away but no real training, so for argument’s sake, let’s call it a wasted week away.

How would you everyone suggest adjusting the plan accordingly? My thought was one of two things:

1 - If i’m not to fried, repeat week 5 for the originally planned week 6, and use the vacation week as “Week 6” (now week 7) replacing the “pettit-esque” rides with a few causal rides around town, nothing intense.

2 - Proceed as planned, completing week 6 and have a “dead” week 7 with a few casual rides around town?

(I’m thinking 1?)

I’m in exactly the same position, where SSBMV1 is lined up to finish the week before a vacation. I’m repeating week 5 to push the recovery week to the vacation week, so your option #1.

(Although I’m sort of regretting not repeating week 4 or something instead because doing McAdie +1 twice on purpose seems like a very silly plan.)