Vacation plan adjustment

I am completing SSBMV2 (on recovery week this week). Thinking of starting SPBMV next week; however, I will be going on vacation from Dec 21 to Dec 28th. So, I will have to miss Sunday workout of Week 2 and Week 3 of SPBMV (Sustained Power Build) and will head straight into recovery week (Week 4). Any suggestions to tweak my plan or just skip Week 3 in build phase and do the rest of the plan?

Appreciate any feedback!

I just had the same thing happen with week 4 of my plan, I ended up pushing the rest of the plan back a week and opted not to skip any workouts. Everything seemed fine coming back and I didn’t feel like the week off affected any of the workouts after.
If you can move your off days around the week you leave I would try to fit the Sunday ride in before going then just enjoy the vacation.

Unfortunately, weeks 3 and 7 are just about the worst weeks to have a 7-day interruption in the Build phase. Part of the training benefit comes from the accumulated fatigue.

In your position, I’d be inclined to repeating weeks 6 and 7 of SSBMV2 before your vacation, or going ahead with 2 weeks of build and planning on restarting when you get back.

Do you have a scheduled event that you’re working towards?

Thanks!! Scheduled event is in May so have a while to go.

Having similar issue as OP, but in build phase. In some weeks I will start SPB and can only get through the first week before I have a week off without the bike :cry:
What should I do. I don’t have any goal events, so simply bumping everything one week out is fine. I’m just unsure if I loose too much of the adaptations that comes from the cummulative fatigue of doing 3 weeks in a row with hard efforts.

You could bump out a week and not lose much at all, or you could delay the start of that phase and start it fresh when you return. Do a maintenance week in between with a VO2max workout, a threshold workout, and a long ride… or do an event (Zwift?) in there… then start the phase cleanly when you return.

Thanks. Think I’ll just bump it out one week as I have some more vacation comming up and putting in 2 weeks of SPB fits about right.

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