Plan Adjustment due to vacation

So will be going on vacation in March, My vaction will be during the final week (recovery week) of SSBII. When I get back I will be starting my second round of Sustained Power Build.

I will not have an opportunity to ride at all during my vacation. So should I push the week ahead and pick it up when I get back or should I just skip the week entirely.

If I push the week my concern is how it will affect my B and A races coming up. Will the plan alter itself if you know what I mean?

Thanks in advance.

If it was me I would just use the vacation as my rest week. After a week of not riding, I’m not convinced that doing the rest week workouts would be that beneficial, unless you feel any residual fatigue still at the end of your vacation and didn’t feel fresh to jump in to the next block.

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Ok so I just found out that if you Push a week that the plan:

Pushing weeks will cause your custom plan to be offset from your goal event. You will no longer be able to edit your plan.

Thanks and that is what I am going to do! Rest Rest Rest !!


agree, just use the time away to rest and recover and get back into it when you return.

Good luck!