How do I plan post vacation week?

Hey everyone,

I’m into the 2nd week of Short Power Build - Mid Volume and next week I’ll be on vacation (Sunday to Sunday).

I don’t want to lose too much fitness but as you can imagine I know I will be misbehaving in that it would limit my ability to successfully follow a plan (haha). I was thinking of a few options:

  1. Repeat 2nd Week of Short Power Build
  2. Move on to 3rd week of Short Power Build

What does everyone think?

Thank you!

I’d restart Build from Week 1.

Barring that, I’d move on to Week 3 and skip Week 4 (Recovery).

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agree, might as well start over, esp if you’re misbehaving and coming back not 100%

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Restarted the beginning of Build after a week off. Did Petit twice and ended up with the same watts on my Ramp Test to start the week! Thanks everyone!

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