Adjusting plan for time off

I’m using plan builder and currently have a recovery week scheduled for the week before a week long vacation. Should I skip the recovery week and repeat the prior week or week before and use the vaca week as the recovery week? Skip the recovery week and start the next phase then pick-up the plan when I get back? Just don’t want to have the easy recovery week then a week off. Thoughts? I won’t be able to ride but may get in a few runs during the vaca week.


If it were me and I felt good I would repeat the previous week, but modify the Tuesday workout to add 10-15 TSS and continue the same TSS ramp. Or, if I was tired, I would keep the intensity and lower the duration. You could do a couple -1 versions of the workouts.

It really depends on where you’re at. Nothing wrong with adding an extra loading week if you think you can handle it knowing that you’ll have a rest week coming up.

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Yeah, don’t take 2 weeks off in a row. If you are in base you have a lot of leeway to create your own week, just keep the workouts similar, not harder. If you are in build, be careful not to overdo it by throwing another build week in there if you’re not ready for it.

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