Turkey sandwiches

Day 1 Was okay.

Not really looking forward to day 2. Suggestions?

Turkey pot pie, turkey salad like chicken salad but with turkey, turkey divan, turkey noodle soup, turkey and rice soup, Turkey enchiladas.

  • Pumpernickel bread, lightly toasted. Emphasis on lightly.
  • butter both pieces of bread / toast.
  • Turkey
  • cranberry sauce on Turkey
  • stuffing
  • put top piece of bread on to complete sandwich
  • cut in half
  • enjoy

You can thank me later. :crazy_face:


My go-to when I have turkey + cranberry sauce on hand is some variation of the following:

  • sourdough bread from a local bakery
  • cranberry sauce
  • basil pesto (it’s easy to make but you can also pick it up prepared from a local grocer)
  • turkey
  • choice of green - arugula or alfalfa sprouts go well
  • choice of cheese - extra sharp white cheddar, havarti, or gouda go well
  • heirloom tomato - sliced

Does it have to be sandwiches? If you can change it up with noodles, rice, other grains in bowl type situations you might survive. (We just don’t cook turkey anymore.)

I usually learn my lesson in November to not make the same mistake again in December.

Turkey Chili!

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What! I’ve been eating turkey sandwiches non-stop, even for breakfast!

  • white bread (note, this is the only time I ever eat white bread preferring wheat, rye, or sourdough for everything else)
  • black pepper
  • Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (real deal mayo, not Miracle Whip aka salad dressing or the like)

On the rare occasion, I add some dijon mustard. My brother to my disbelief adds cheese :man_facepalming:t2::rofl:

and as @dubrose40 mentioned, you can’t go wrong with turkey chili🤤

edit: my sandwiches are cold


You need to make a midwestern delight!

Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches!

1 part turkey
1 part Stovetop Stuffing mix
mix well, add extra chicken stock if it’s too dry.
Use an ice cream scoop to place a big ball on a hamburger bun


haha! Been a long time (measured in decades) since I’ve seen or heard of that stuff! Wonder if I’d still think it tastes good!

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Samin Nosrat’s turkey tikka masala (probably paywalled, sorry!: Turkey Tikka Masala Recipe - NYT Cooking).

these are all wrong. too much stuff hiding the taste of the turkey. proper recipe:
my mom’s homemade bread (call her, she’ll bake you a loaf if you’re nice)
dill pickle chips
1-2 inch layer of turkey

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Make gumbo. Add a little sausage to it. You can freeze it in bags and enjoy it later when you are not sick of Turkey. Come February you will be glad to have some meals ready to go.

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Brioche and no tomato, but not bad at all - a little dry maybe without the tom.


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If you have lots of extra stuffing/dressing - meal prep turkey and the stuffing into the freezer - thaw them out over the coming weeks and months and enjoy a taste of the holidays throughout the winter

Thanks for that! I adore cranberry sauce with any meat.

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Hmm, I don’t have pumpernickel bread very often at all. Tasty.

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The pumpernickel is the key ingredient to that sandwich……but remember to lightly toast it. Toast it too much and it becomes crusty and breaks apart when you try and eat it.

In our house, we make excessive extra mashed potatoes on purpose. Then we have “Bowls of Goodness” for the week after a holiday turkey.

Bowl of goodness:
Bottom layer of mashed potatoes
Middle layer of diced turkey
Optional: add diced green beans or any other leftover
Top layer of mashed potatoes

Microwave for a few minutes, mix it up, and boom: Breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

No one is allowed to tell me how much butter my wife puts in the mashed potatoes. This Bowl of Goodness has turkey in it, so it’s healthy, period.


If she isn’t also using sour cream, she is doing it wrong. :crazy_face:

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