Good foods - breads and cereals?

Hi all,

I’m trying to take my general nutrition more seriously to prepare for a big season (70.3 triathlon) in 2019 and have a question about cereals/ breads.

I know what works well for me before and during workouts, and I’m generally OK at eating lots of veg and lean meats for my main meals. I’ve mostly cut out white pasta, rice, bread etc (except for the odd cheat day…!), but I do generally eat wholemeal bread and wholemeal cereals, e.g. Fruit & Fibre, but it’s specifically wholemeal/ grain breads and cereal, never the white versions. This may be a silly question, but is eating wholemeal toast or a wholemeal cereal with Coconut/ Almond milk a good choice or am I wrong in thinking because it’s wholemeal it’s good?

The main appeal is the ease of prep and it’s quick to eat. Interested in any other suggestions too.


Its a better choice for sure, love the odd bit of wholegrain seeded bread myself.

Cereals normally have a shed load of sugar added i.e not from the fruit. Wholegrain cereals are not always healthier, the ones that are cost an arm and a leg (you can only by two boxes then, :wink:)
Make your own from whole food (single ingredients) i.e Buy just each of the following on its own and mix it yourself to your taste… Oats (and any whole grain you prefer) various nuts (cashew, almond etc), raisins, currants, figs, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, bananas, apple, pears. Frozen fruit is just as good as fresh esp when it comes to berries and prevents waste.

I love my cereal, but unless it’s after an intense ride I skip the sugary stuff (cinnamon toast crunch, honey bunches of oats, and Kashi are my favorites) and go with either brown rice or oats to get my fix. It’s cheaper and more nutrient dense.

Ezekiel cereal and bread is what @Nate_Pearson typically goes for; he has mentioned it on the podcast a couple times. A bit crunchy but really good overall. Sprinkle some protein powder on top and its :ok_hand:

For bread, I typically do homemade spelt bread.

And before people pull the keto or LFHC card, please keep in mind that this is what has worked for me and has helped me boost my own ftp and decrease my running splits significantly.

Just a left field option to for bread in the diet, I don’t add any sweetener, it is amazing.
Don’t require big quantities and it literally rips right through you!

Concerned by those last 4 words though… :open_mouth:

I think I’ll give it a go though. Thanks!

Looks good, how does it turn out? Something you would slice and have with a bit of cheese or more like a type of ‘cake’?

There are good cereal choices nowadays. Here’s some I have on hand.

Puffed Kamut - 1g sugar
Uncle Sam - < 1g sugar
Ezekiel - 0g sugar
Shredded Wheat - 0g sugar


That was just today’s breakfast right?


I believe paleo purists would say that bread (gluten) is worse than rice, but it’s good to experiment with what works for you. If I have cereal it will be bran flakes with banana or Wheetabix.

Now porridge, porridge is life. I have that with muscavado sugar or honey and that starts my day right. You can add cacao powder and banana/blueberries as well.

Mid-morning snack :smiley:

Cheerios aren’t terrible IMO. 1g sugar, whole grain oats and corn starch, basically. Good for on the go or in a pinch. My daughter’s go-to supplement. (She’s 2).


More sugar than plain but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love my Honey Nut Cheerios. Love them for b’fast before a long ride. :blush: There are better options, and sometimes I mix my cereals but this is what works for me and I’ve tried lots of different breakfast foods before rides.


This is a bread replacement, fantastic with poached eggs, avocado, cheese and salmon etc. Won’t need to eat for a few hours.
couple of things:

  1. Can eat day before a race/event but definitely not on the event day.
  2. I mix all ingredients in a bowl first to get good consistency
  3. 1 loaf lasts about 4/5days - it doesn’t go stale, just hard, so then you toast it.
  4. make 2 loaves at once for efficiency
  5. Can replace almonds with pumpkin kernels or go half half mix

P.S I haven’t seen Uncle Sam cereals in Australia

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That’s nearly identical to my own pantry! I love all of those. I also have wheatabix