Ezekiel bread, what am I doing wrong?

I guess I could add this purchase to the TrainerRoad Bump thread, but after hearing @Nate_Pearson plug Ezekiel bread on several podcasts I gave it a go.

The packaging is spot on. All ingredients are something I recognize. The grains are all sprouted to squeeze out all the nutrient value that’s possible. It basically just has to say “this bread is going to give you a 5% FTP bump just from eating it” to make it any more appealing.

Except that it tastes … like nothing. Not inedible, just not appealing. It’s like, if standing in line at the DMV was bread, this would be it. No flavor of any kind. Am I doing it wrong? It comes frozen, so I wondered if my defrosting procedure was somehow robbing the bread of it’s zest. Lucky for me, since it’s a loaf of bread, I had a few opportunities to experiment. Microwave, toast, refrigerate overnight, air warm for 10 mins on the counter … bland, vapid, cardboard.

I was not deterred. For these magic grains come not just as bread, but also cereal. It has all the crunch and robustness of cereal, but that all too familiar banality of the bread form. I wanted so desperately to be ok with it, but I think Ezekial grains in all their forms are just not for me.

My usual go-to for a while has been Dave’s Killer Bread which I think tastes delicious. Ok, there’s some sweeteners in there from organic dried cane syrup and organic molasses, but it’s a lot better than most alternatives. Maybe those things are worth it though.



Ha…well said. I tried their cereals, pretty much tasted like you are eating beach sand.

Every time I hear Ezekiel, I think of the Costco Ancient Grains granola/cereal. Love it. Not sure how it compares nutritionally.

I’ve always viewed bread as a vehicle for something else. None of it really tastes like anything to me, so if it makes my sandwich a little more nutrient rich, I’m all for it.


I have only tried Ezekiel cereal and that was a few years ago. I believe I ended up feeding it to the wild birds. I would like to try it again just to be sure that I don’t like it. Where bread is concerned though +1 for Dave’s killer Bread. 70 cal sized Power seed is my favorite. I actually have tried nearly all of their stuff and I have enjoyed all of it.

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Did they eat it?


Ezekial Bread tastes like ass. I don’t think Dave’s is much better tbh. My wife eats both of them. I stick with real bread usually, a french loaf from the bakery.

Either the birds ae it or it absorbed back into the earth!

I like the Ezekiel cereal, but if you don’t put fruit in it, I pretty much agree that it’s really bland. I’m partial to blueberries.

I can’t deal with the bread. It’s too much of a pain in the ass to go through the defrosting process. My diet is fairly pristine as far as preservatives/organic/fresh, so I suppose I can cheat on a few pieces of imperfect, whole grain organic bread that doesn’t need to be frozen.

I tried the Original cereal. Is that what you have, or one of the other blends?

I tried the Original cereal, yes. But now I eat the golden flax blend. They pretty much taste the same.

Again, can’t recommend blueberries enough to put in the mix.

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Big fan of Dave’s killer. It’s my go to sandwich bread for turkey and such.

Toast it and put some peanut butter on it!


Good suggestion, but I already tried it :frowning:

Some things are an acquired taste. :thinking:

Seriously, I eat (healthy) foods now and like it that used to leave me thinking, “Bleah.” I used to be a firm Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper guy, now I drink mostly water and like it.

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Think about why it tastes bad to you. You’re probably used to eating bread that has a decent amount of added salt and sugar. This is fine, but you’re not comparing apples to oranges

if you are eating things just because you think they are healthy, but don’t pass the taste test, you’re likely to have a binge/rebound ala nate post-Leadville.

You aren’t doing anything wrong with the Ezekiel bread, I’m not a huge fan and I prefer wheat bread.

Also, if any of you have made bread, adding sugar is to activate the yeast and create a better rise. The sugar is used by those little buggers and doesn’t really end up in the finished product. Complex starches which are not metabolized by the yeast and then get burnt/caramalized during the cooking are what gives it a sweetness.


This is probably true. I spent years in Australia where sweet flavors aren’t added to foods like bread as much as they are in the US. It’s really hard to find bread without a bunch of sugar and sweet flavor. Dave’s Killer Bread ‘only’ has 2g of sugar for the Good Seed loaf, but even that tastes really sweet to me. I would like to find one that has less sweetness, but Ezekiel is too far in the other direction for me. I’m going to give the Power Seed variety a go next as it has 1g of sugar, but does state it is sweetened with fruit juice, so I don’t hold my breath.

Any further recommendations are welcome.

Don’t eat as much bread :slight_smile:

Seriously it’s a ton of carbs and there are better ways to get them than bread

Like you I cannot find a bread that doesn’t taste overly sweet to me - so unless I’m making it myself I hardly eat any bread

Grass fed butter, or whatever the correct term is, on well toasted Ezekiel with a dash of himilain salt (going to sweat that out anyway). I take the bread out of the fridge and drop it in the toaster.

I tried adding strawberry protein powder to the cereal, but that made a mess. I just get through the cereal plain now and drink espresso along the way.

This thread made me laugh and spit Ezekiel cereal all over my 7 year old.