Meals you don't want TR to know about (but you still post on the forum)

Inspired by a comment on another thread, post here the meals you recently had that definitely do not fit in your fueling strategies.
We all know this happens also to the best of us

Been in the US for a business trip, 3 days of fat and fried food.

Best day was obviously the last…
Double bacon burger (with mushroom and tomato tough…) and 4 fried chicken strip

Why not get a dessert?
One donut is obviously not enough


You beat me. My Cafe stop on Sunday involved:

Which I thought was rather unhealthy, scrumptious but unhealthy :stuck_out_tongue:

But I mitigated in part it with another 30miles for:

Did you ever see the Man Who Cycled the World. When Mark Beaumont got to the states the only thing he could find was fast food but when you need the calories, you need the calories :wink:


1: lamb and bison bacon burger I made
2: whoopie pies
3: random Mexican joint
4: Seared salmon with lemon crab sauce over mashed potatoes and asparagus

I have lots of food pics, since I cook for a living. The only one I didn’t make is the random Mexican joint. These are a couple meals/ snack I would say aren’t great for training.


The salmon is great for training. I’m assuming the 500g of steamed rice is just out of shot. :smile:


Should we merge this one with ‘training 10h per week but still can’t lose weight’?


Well, as I currenlty live in Mexico I cannot let you include #3 in this list, otherwise I have nothing left to eat :smiley:


Good point the butter sauce is pretty high in calories from fat, but delicious.

What is a whoopie pie?

It clearly isn’t going to be healthy but it does look very much up my street!


Basically a chocolate cake creme pie. The origin of the whoopie pie is supposedly from German immigrants in Pennsylvania back in the day. Although there are many different opinions on that…

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Sounds a bit like my risotto. Roughly equal quantities of chicken, mushrooms, rice, butter and parmesan. :blush:

Terrifyingly calorific, but your legs just feel tremendous for about three days after.


I guess nobody orders a salad when they travel. :slight_smile:

We are traveling now. I just go to a 2 meal per day routine. It’s plenty of calories!

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my ancestors were all from what is now germany, came to central pennsylvania before the revolution… seeing those whoopie pies brought back a lot of childhood memories. i haven’t been able to find good whoopie pies in quite a while now!

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Most of my family also resides in Pa, they came from Slovakia and Poland. Lots of good things they all brought over.
I’m pretty sure this is the recipe I used…

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Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde
Yes that is a tray of powered sugar


Im over here goin full tilt trying to get the weight lookin better for cross season to start in a few months, and you post a picture of my 2 favorite donuts! I have the self control of a hungry dog set free in a golden corral! haha

Since I moved to NA, donuts availability has been the biggest threat to my weight…
Drive thru should be illegal…

I got this for Father’s Day… Its called Bruce from Get Baked (@getbakeduk) on instagram. I ate nearly all of it to myself, in 4 sittings over 3 days (even breakfast). The bestest, moistest, heaviest, tastiest chocolate cake I ever ate.


Surely this can’t be good - Ina Garten’s Baked Spinach and Zucchini - compared to your salmon watts!


Planned long ride to finish at pub, dehydrated, got drunk way too fast, had to lie down on the drive home. Bon appetit;


Is that a kind of dip? That looks delicious especially if you dip bread in it like focaccia or even chips.

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