TSS 1.000 Week just on TR :)

After some ideas on: COVID-19 Disaster Day? I´ve reached to this “maybe stupid” idea to do a perfect 1.000 TSS on a single week on TR:

This is not to do while the COVID - 19 is a menace but once most A Races are delayed or canceled, once the Virus is gone I’ll try to do it before I start a new plan targeted for future event’s late 2020. So there’s no date for now, ill post it when I´m sure there’s no COVID around because this high TSS will brake some of our defenses for sure and I don’t want to risk being infected while having a deficient immune system.

Please post your thoughts on this.


I mean a lot will have to do with what level of TSS you normally accumulate a week, how much rest/work are you getting done outside of riding this week, and what does the following week/s look like after.
I was scheduled a large week this week, just over 1100 TSS but of course I got sick, weather was crappy so I couldn’t do all the long rides earlier in the week and it doesn’t look like I’ll get to do my 6x7 min today (if I’m smart that is…who knows but 5 pm I might be on the trainer and just say to do it).
Realistically if you think you can handle it I would up TSS with some longer rides not just some insane intensity, but then realize you’ll need to make sure you are eating enough, sleeping enough, and keeping other areas stress low.

The idea is to make this TSS on TR and 7 low intensity trainings to add 1000TSS would probably take a too many hours every day and also would be really boring.

I get what you’re saying but not all TSS is equal. You can really jack yourself up if you’re smashing it four times in a week to rack up 850 TSS and then 3 more rides to get 50 TSS each time.


It wasn’t done on TR but it was a big tss week… and yes my FTP was set correctly.
I cannot recommend doing crazy big weeks on a whim, it took me about a month to get to the point where I could do any type of intensity after this cycling vacation. If you are going to turn up the TSS do it slowly and figure out how much you can take in a one off week the soft way, not by diving in head-first.


Another option considering only endurance rides:

Same TSS but 23h needed to get there while with the mixed version theres less 6h15 on the trainer.

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I’m planning on a ‘Disaster Week’ this December, doing all three Disaster variants as well as the custom ‘Fireworks’ workout from the Disaster Day group. 1005 TSS in just shy of 16 hours.

edit Forgot to say, the high-volume-low-intensity option @SSaldanha posted looks super boring, but is likely exactly the way to do it if anyone’s contemplating doing something like this while they’re locked in


Elite amateur triathlete (2018 Kona Age Grouper winner and record holder) physiologist/coach, Dr Dan Plews says that consistent weeks of 1000 TSS (combined swim/bike/run TSS) is the “cost of entry” for a competitive Ironman. I realize that comparing single sport TSS to multisport TSS is comparing Apples to Oranges.

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not sure this is the most responsible thing to do as you mentioned since immune system will be compromised for almost any athlete (1000 is a lot!), but if it keeps you sane, and you stay isolated, go for it.

I’m all for people training through Coronavirus, but maybe not full on burying ourselves so that we feel wasted.

Good luck if you do it and let us know how it goes!



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I want to see your prior 6 weeks. Unless you’re rocking 700+ 6wk avg TSS this is not a smart move and will likely set you back.

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1000 is not the same for everyone. I’ve done about 800-900 for the past few months, and feel fine, but i’ve built to that over time. Depends on prior volume really

Ive said before that this is not to do while the COVID - 19 is a menace. Its something to latter on once all my A events probably are going to be cancelled.

Ah, my mistake, I missed that!

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You add a certain amount of stress and then your body needs to adapt. Are you able to adapt to that amount of stress?

I think it’s madness.

Please try and report :wink:

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I did a 1000TSS+ week last summer for my A-race (stage race) and it left me sick for 2-3 weeks afterwards.

This was with a build up of 4-5 600TSS weeks.

I am quite regular in and around the 1000TSS just like the last 2 weeks and the coming two weeks as well. Longterm 900 seems to work the best for me.

Depending on where you are coming from it is reasonable. For me personably just doing it indoors would be a bit tooo boring.


I regularly clock up over 1000 TSS as a Multi sport triathlete.

As someone says above 1000TSS is all about how you do it. Both in terms of intensity and how what your Normal weeks look like.

I felt fine during this week at about 2000 TSS I estimate (all cycling, 30 minutes of steady running on top most days). But have felt pretty zapped since, just getting back to normal now, which is great timing!!

All said and done, it’s cool to try stuff out and keep ourselves motivated during a difficult period. Go for it!

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I mean, i’m assuming you know your body and training history better than the rest of us, so I don’t see anything wrong with (sensibly) going for it. I for one would be interested to read some blog posts or something like that!
I think the key to doing things like that is to treat them as if they were a race- including a appropriate build/taper, making sleep and nutrition a priority, and taking some recovery time afterwards. What constitutes a ‘stupid’ training week is very relative.