Triathlon training integration on plan builder

Having come from Triathlon to raw cycling I plan to return to tri next year but I am doubtful that I could sustain Mid or even low volume cycling plans integrated with Swimming and running.

With the TR team embarking on Triathlon training is there any scope to add swim and run workouts to TR plan builder?

Even better if the out door work out or another method could be used to guide actual workouts. Unfortunately without power unless a swim and run power meter can be used another metric would need to be utilised.

Definitely not an expert in any of these fields but from data that can be gained from a Garmin watch and not just HR.

Max pace for designated distance (eg 1km) then use % of pace for work outs.
Cadence for a more plyometric workout.

Strokes per minute
Speed per length taken again from a Fastest designated distance.

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Not sure what you’re looking for… the triathlon plans already have swim and run workouts programmed in. You can see them in the “Week Notes” sections of the various tri plans. Things like cadence, SPL, stroke rate, and pace are very individualized, and outside the scope of what Chad’s plans entail… one limitation of those plans, IME, particularly for athletes seeking directive guidance who maybe haven’t done many events. RPE-based work is fine, but not optimal. If you want those types of pacing details, you either do it yourself or hire a coach to program it for you!

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If you schedule a Triathlon as your “A” event in Plan Builder, we will apply a full triathlon plan to your Calendar including runs and swims :slight_smile:.


I’m currently on a mid volume plan and running 4-6 times per week. TR in the mornings, run at night. It works fine, but just be careful about overlapping hard sessions etc. I make sure I have a day without running before a VO2 session for instance. I started with low volume when I began running, but moving up to mid volume has been a good thing and my running hasn’t suffered.

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I guess what Im getting at is before using TR cycling training was a lot less productive not because of lack of effort more because of lack of structure. I could have employed a coach but using TR has educated me and directs me to the efforts I need for a given plan rather than trying to achieve a given TSS for a week regardless of how that TSS comes about.

If the same could be applied to running and/or swimming or even allow these sports to be practiced separately. I personally feel it would make me much more efficient when conducting training for these events.

Yes I could employ a coach as any one could it was purely a though for consideration.


For the SlowTwitchers out there, the BarryP style running program could work well paired with TR because it’s largely based on building easy mileage rather than intensity. It’s my plan, anyway, when I start back towards IM in the near future. A huge part of running success in any triathlon is directly linked to strength on the bike leaving you fresh for the run anyway.

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Im probably using a similar approach - I’ve gone with the 80/20 running plan on TrainingPeaks. Mostly because TR isn’t there yet for running and I have a Stryd pod and wanted a power based running plan. Most runs are easy 30 min efforts, on two harder runs each week - big focus on just easy volume development and it seems to work. Can’t wait for TR to get into this space though, I’d love my bike plan and run plan to work together so I don’t need to hand craft my recovery weeks :slight_smile:

Do your completed run show up on Trainer Road calendar?

No :(. I copy them in manually. The TR team have said this will be worked on when they complete their new mobile development so it is in the near-term roadmap.

I am using PlanBuilder but because my next A race is a road-race (K2), I am not given a triathlon plan. After the road race my next events are half distance triathlons so my plan does including running and swimming at that point; but I don’t want to wait until after the road race to train the running.

So we are in agreement there currently isn’t any integration on TR for running or swimming?
You have to use other programs to like training peaks or Zwift run to get designed workout then manually add them to TR.

It isn’t entirely that simple… If you buy two plans even on Training Peaks (one cycling, one running) they will not align properly and you’ll have to adjust the rest weeks etc. There just doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution.
TR is fine if all you do is triathlon because you’ll get a full plan; happy to accept I’m an edge case who races road and triathlon :slight_smile: