Expanding TrainerRoad

Hello coaches and fellow users,

Was there or is there any plan to expand trainer road platform to include other endurance sports besides cycling?


The triathlon plans include running and swimming workouts. But at the moment these don’t automatically sync up in either direction as far as I know. I.e. You can’t push a running workout to your Garmin watch and have the watch tell you when it’s time to start an interval, target pace, etc. And if you record a run on your Garmin it doesn’t show up in your TR feed or performance chart.

I’m assuming that better integration will be on the development path at some point since TR have a lot of customers who are triathletes and clearly want to continue to attract that market. Couldn’t tell you how much of a priority it is or when it’s likely to happen though.

It needs to happen soon really, my wife is a triathlete and there is little point in staying with TR when she can buy a plan off Training Peaks where she can upload and check her runs and swims against what is planned.

I am just thinking from business perspective, TrainerRoad platform is I believe an amazing platform that could become a go to place for training plans for all kinds of different endurance sports. All you would need is someone to write down workouts for said sport and work with other coaches to creating different plans. For example in Rowing we use fairly similar blocks of training and it could be easily integrated, I could think of hundreds of rowing workouts to add to TR.

Trainer road plans already follow basic periodization idea of preparatory, competition and transition phase and since this is mainly used for endurance sport it could be implemented, obviously it would require more man power etc. I am just curious if there is any thought given to this.