Run + Bike in PlanBuilder - is this possible?

I would’ve assumed this had been asked already, but I haven’t found it in the forum yet. Apologies in advance if this is a duplicate.

Is there any way to have Plan Builder include running and biking but not swimming?
I’ve seen I can get all 3 with the triathlon plan, or I can set up a biking plan, but I can’t figure out how to add a Run + Bike Plan.

Is there a way to add Running events?
I run (mostly half-marathons and the occasional marathon) and bike (former road / criterium racer, but mostly fondos now).

I train both, but can’t figure out how to get plan builder to handle this. For now, I’ve just created a biking plan and am running during the off days, but I assume this isn’t going to work well for the plan as I’ll be adding extra stress not intended to be part of the plan.

What should I be doing?

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What they have suggested in podcast for Duathlon, is to add a Tri plan (Medium Volume) and delete Swim activities and put Gym or Core work instead (2x per week)


At the moment, it is not possible to add just the running and cycling portions of the triathlon plans to the Plan Builder. This is a capability we would like to add at some point in the future, but for now, your best option is to apply the triathlon plan to your TrainerRoad Calendar, and then go through and delete each of the swimming workouts manually.

We don’t have the ability to add running races to your Plan Builder plan because we don’t have any training plans built specifically for running. We intend to allow running events in the future, but we will not have plans built around those events. For a running training plan, you’ll just want to modify the triathlon plan by removing the rides and swims :+1:.