Triathlon all but abandoned by TR

So latest update from the podcast. No updated runs or swims, just updated bike elements. Still no run and swim upload support. It’s been a very long time since we have seen Tri plan updated and the swim runs have always been weak.

Seems like TR is moving away from being a good choice for triathletes.

While admittedly absolutely smashing it in terms of being first choice for cyclists.


“Making you a faster cyclist”

I’m sure they have numbers to back it up and I’m guessing Nate and Co. know which side their bread is buttered on.


Yeah sure I agree. Makes sense for them to go for what makes business sense. No judgement or complaints from me just pointing it out.

They do market towards triathletes as well though so just feel it’s relevant and discussion worthy.


Actually they have said they will work with this soonish… But they are challenges in adding outdoor anything to the system.

For the ML to work properly you need to know the expected result…

Like what we get from an indoor bike workout given an ftp…

You know what the power should be at all times…

You can’t currently do that running, swimming or for the most part outdoor cycling…

It’s hard…


Are they working on it or are they saying they would like to work on it at some point? My understanding is they are working on bringing in off plan outdoor bike sessions. Not swim or run.

I think for run swim they say that it’s something they will do in the future but actually there are no plans to do so whereas beginning in bikes is actually on the road map.

I don’t think that you can infer anything at all about their plans about triathlon from their current announcements. At the moment the whole focus is very rightly on their AT deployment. Given its absolutely nowhere near finished I wouldn’t expect them to talk about anything else.

At the moment there’s not a lot different to the tri plans. Yeah the bike workouts changed and it sucked that there wasn’t an associated change in the swims and runs, but they only changed so they work within the bounds of AT which swims and runs are not subject to at this point.

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You nailed it. Bikes are the easy part. I don’t run or swim but the quantifying of those efforts seems like such a huge challenge.

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They at least working on run swim imports into the schedule. That’s the first step into all of this


IMO if you’re a triathlete like me that’s self coached, TR triathlon plans are great…if you delete the swim and run workouts and are of the philosophy that you should do low intensity high volume runs and (relatively) high intensity low volume on the bike. Swim just work on what you personally need from another stand alone or your own swim plan. Then are also aware enough to modify plans as your body demands.

I think a new triathlete could easily get DESTROYED if they take the TR plans right out of the can and try to knock them out. They could also easily get destroyed trying to be a mad scientist like me and cobble together a run/swim plan to bolt onto the TR triathlon bike portion. I love TR and highly recommend friends who are triathletes to use it during winter base build. But not in-season training for a beginner.

Basically TR is the double black diamond of triathlon training. Awesome if you have the skills and experience to handle it. Ruinous if not.


1- have tri plans
2- import non-cycling tri workouts in tr
3- …something something machine learning
4- profit


Haha they are hardly triathlon plans if you remove the run swim!

I agree they can get triathletes quicker on the bike that’s different from having good Tri plans though.

I’ve lowered my expectations. But, for money in comparison to a coach it’s 1/4 of the price so it’s kinda obvious that some thinking will be required.

From their guidance notes, it’s as if they are expecting people to do their own swim/run workouts. Of the triathletes they’ve had on the Podcast, most of them seem only use the bike portion of the plans too. I just wish they’d drop the pretence of it being a fully complete product.

I appreciate 90+% of users are cyclists and therefore that’s where you invest resources and integrating swim/run is a huge engineering challenge.

It’d be good to just have them level with us, suggest some good workout resources and give the platform the ability to accept run/swim Garmin imports. It’s got to be to their benefit too as the bigger the dataset they have the better, should they ever wish to do anything in the Tri space in the future with AT.

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I have done the tr plans and have follow them almost to the T, or at least my interpret of it. I learned that trying to create you own high intensity run plan in top of a high intensity bike plan is less than ideal (i would say I would advice against it)…

For new tri athlete who is coming from a running background, i think the plan work great, they provide are sufficient high intensity and volume. It might not look like much first, compared to the run I used to do, but they balance nicely with the bike workouts.

Of course not everyone is the same and everyone is free to do what works for them…

A high volume low intensity would be probably much better for someone who can do doubles, i can’t, so i have to suffer through high intensity shorter runs and many brick runs…

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I’ve been using the TR triathlon plans for the past 4 years or so - which is also when I started doing tris. Completed 3 half-distances and 1 full-distance triathlon and multiple standard distances. I think they are decent for the money, but over the years I did adapt the running and swim to my own needs.

I did my own research on running and try to follow similar guidelines as the plans which in summary are: one threshold/Vo2 Max workout, one base run, and one long run; plus a brick workout almost every week. I don’t do running as a recovery workout, so skip those. And for me, the fact that they build a brick workout almost every week is great. A lot of plans ignore bricks until very close to the event and I personally don’t think that’s ideal.

The swim workouts in my opinion don’t really interfere much with the other two sports - so I follow an individual plan based on drills and what I particularly need to achieve - about 3 swims a week.

I would love to have my runs and swims uploaded to TR and have the Adaptative Training and machine learning also helping with those, but I completely understand how complex they are.

Just sharing my experience, as I look forward to the AT at least on the bike workouts.

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I’m not trying to be down on the team, but isn’t that partly because they won’t use Heart Rate?

I can get hrTSS on Training Peaks for (non-power meter) bike, swim and run, basically any activity.

HR is not an optimal tool…
too many variables that affect one HR day to day…
Temperature, elevation, humidity are variables outside of your control that WILL affect your HR.

Yes, but… better than nothing. And now, as per the recent podcasts good enough for TR to be potentially used in lieu of a power meter with ML, where all those variables will still apply!

Sometime nothing is better… :man_shrugging:


My plan, IM HV is pretty damn close to the Matt Fitzgerald plan I have been using and modifying since 2014. In both cases I ignore the swim workouts, twice a week masters, winter two more pool swims, warm weather three pool swims, and a lake or bay swim.

I live in Virginia Beach training for IM Chattanooga, there are very few hills here; with that stated I do the number of runs they suggest but instead of the tempo run I do repeats on a bridge (half mile up/down).

They did add a fifth swim to my plan but I am chosing not to do it

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To be fair, all those variables affect the power and pace you can put out too. :grinning:

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