Traveling during FTP Test - what to do?

I’ll be on vacation for a week and a half in Crested Butte, CO and my next FTP test is scheduled right in the middle of the trip. I’m wondering how best to adjust my FTP and training?

I live in Austin, TX at ~650’ elevation and I’ll be at ~9,000’ during my trip, which I expect will have a meaningful impact on my test. Also, I always ramp test on an indoor trainer, which I won’t have with me.

I’m thinking of subbing a 20 min outdoor test, for the fun/experience of it and since I’ll have a bike and power meter with me.

That said, I’m really questioning if I would want to base my next training block off the results, given so much will be different from my normal testing method. I’m leaning toward just maintaining my current FTP from the previous test.

Any thoughts or recommendations on how to handle this? Thanks in advance.

Why not just wait and test once you are back home to your usual set up?



Just wait and test when you get back.


enjoy your vacation and ramp test when home.


Go for a fun ride instead


Thanks for the responses and great question and I was thinking about this too.

Only dilemma is the training plans always have a recovery week before the FTP test and my recovery week is this week and the FTP test is next Monday. Is there an easy way in TR way to push the schedule out a week so that I am still recovering before the test, if I’m to postpone it a week?

Thanks a lot! I will certainly be going for some joy rides : )