Outside 20min ftp test

Done my first outside FTP test today. I had an ftp of 245 from indoors test 2 months back and was using that for outside too the last 6 weeks which seemed pretty good. I have done a good months training and done a loop today at home which gave me power of 277 watts for 20 mins so a new FTP of 263. I got out of the saddle a few times maybe 15 secs in all but also slowed at a few junctions. Can I take this new FTP as a good figure moving forward??

I just did almost the exact same thing, indoor ftp was 246 from the ramp test about 2 months ago, I’ve been riding outside for the last month exclusively and outdoors is always easier for me so I did the 20 min test, came out with 269. I figured that I’m gonna be training outdoors until winter I may as well have an outdoor ftp.

Cool. Nice gains. Do you strictly stay in the saddle?

Did you follow the warmup protocol of the test? Was you power fairly stable even when riding out of the saddle?

I done 30 mins endurance and then a 20 min SS interval before the test. I actually wasnt planning on doing a test but just decided at that time. Out of the saddle just 4 or 5 times to get speed up a bit and yeah maybe 2 power spikes but I had to free wheel for maybe 10 seconds coming up to a junction as well.

Yes I did, surprised myself lol

Is it really required to spend the whole time seated in a 20min or 2x8min FTP test? I know it is for the ramp test, but I think that’s TR’s specific thing because they don’t want you standing and smashing a heroic sprint the last 20 seconds which could throw your ‘final/highest minute’ number off. Over 20 minutes, I can’t imagine it’d make much of a difference, so long as you’re somewhat smooth and not letting the wattage drop when you stand/sit.


Don’t be too upset if you set that as your new TR FTP and you fail your first hard inside workout though. Could be an inside/outside discrepancy, and it’s common to be able to do more watts outside than in.

The actual test has specific warmup which, as far as I know, should be followed closely. In particular the 5 minutes all out effort is needed to clear the anaerobic stores, if I remember correctly.
However I wouldn’t stress it too much, if it seems a reasonable value for you, keep it and try some workouts to see how they feel.

Maybe ballpark but you aren’t comparing apples with apples so not sure how absolute it will be - indoors may have been a seated ramp test, outdoors was a 20 min potentially without following typical protocol with some slowing and standing. Even a like for like indoor/outdoor wouldn’t necessarily be comparable, let alone mixing testing standards nor not really following a specific protocol.