TrainNow + SSBLV I


Just started Sweet Spot Base Low Volume I - I opted for low volume due to the volume of running I do (c8hrs per week). I appreciate running workouts aren’t considered as part of adaptive training, which is fine, however on days where I want to add more trainer road volume my intentions were to use TrainNow and pick the ‘recommended’ workout - my theory here being that while any runs aren’t being considered AT will still consider both my cycling history and future planned workouts to suggest the best workout on that day…

So, putting that to the test this week I used AI FTP Detection and completed the ramp test replaced workout with the suggested workout on Monday. Yesterday (Tuesday) was a ‘rest’ day as far as the plan goes, however I used TrainNow and did a 75min endurance ride in the afternoon plus a 10mile steady run last night. My next planned workout is tomorrow (Thursday) - looking at TrainNow today (Wednesday) it’s recommending a VO2 max workout which is in line with my current progression levels for that system, however I’d have expected TrainNow to recommend me another endurance ride today knowing that my next planned SSBLVI is tomorrow?

I suppose I’m a little nervous about hitting a V02 max workout today and adversely affecting tomorrows planned workout.

How are you guys using TrainNow in conjunction with a training plan - do you always accept the TrainNow recommended workout and trust AT will get it right?

I’m also making an assumption that in addition to looking at your past rides, AT also considers your future planned rides when making TrainNow reommendations?

Thanks, Paul.

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agreed, don’t do that. especially not if you just start out with indoor training.

I’m not sure how much TrainNow is looking forward. but regardless when you adopt a plan you should always make some judgment calls on extra volume.

actually I would be careful to even add more TR workouts in the beginning. it can be an option to first go through the first 6 weeks with the focus on completing the LV workouts well, and see where you are at also for your run workouts. it’s easy to overload yourself.

I “thought” it didn’t look at future workouts in your calendar. I have done what you are doing but only did the endurance workouts. Sorry, can’t remember if I only selected the endurance ones or that I had a reasonable history and so those were the recommended ones. I do know that after a while your endurance progression levels will get to a certain number and so you only get one suggested workout all the time unless you change the duration.

thanks for the feedback - I should’ve probably added I do have a good history of structured training - mainly running, but also bike too. My gut was telling me a Vo2 max workout was not a good idea!

reading the literature on the main TR site it appears to only reference that past workouts are assessed / considered - it’d seem odd for TrainNow not to be looking at future planned workouts when prescribing / recommending workouts?

I might just do another endurance ride to minimise any fatigue that could impact tomorrows key (planned) session


from what I can gather so far it’ll only ever ‘recommend’ one of the 3 possible TrainNow options (endurance, attacking, climbing) - yesterday it recommended endurance, today it’s recommended attacking

My hypothesis is yesterday it was looking back and seeing I did a sweet spot ride on Monday so recommended endurance where today it’s seeing I did the endurance ride yesterday and therefore thinks an attacking workout would be most productive. This also makes me think future workouts aren’t being considered by TrainNow as if that was the case I’m sure it would see tomorrows scheduled sweet spot workout and such not recommend an attacking workout today.

Yep, I completely agree with that. Hopefully you’ll get a few more people to comment with their experiences.


I get your point, but TN doesn’t know if you’re going to do the planned next workout, so I wouldn’t expect it to know you’re supplementing what is already in your future. I want it to just look at my history and recommend the best possible workout for me considering what I have done in the past. If I know I’m going to do a hard workout tomorrow and it recommends a hard workout today, I just go to the TN recommended endurance workout.


Agree with that and it’s a valid point - I ended up doing the ‘sensible’ thing and opting for the endurance workout, rather than the ‘recommended’ attacking workout which was a V02 Max targeted workout. Hopefully I’ll bear the fruits of that decision come tomorrows planned sweet spot workout off the plan!


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I think this is all because you’re so early in the plan. Once you are doing the scheduled workouts regularly TrainNow will pretty much always offer you Endurance stuff inbetween your hard workouts.

interesting - will keep a close eye on TrainNow and report back if this starts to be the case once I’ve a few weeks of the plan under my belt.