Train now adjustments for run workouts

I had just completed a hard set of run intervals and train now recommended I do VO2 max intervals the next day.
Is there some way I can input the effects of other workouts so that the train now AI can take these efforts into consideration?

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Train now is for people NOT on a plan. It does not take fatique into consideration. It does not care what you did the day before (whether run or bike, rest day or flat out race).
It just picks some suitable workouts ( 1 endurance, 1 sweet spot or threshold and 1 v02 or higher) based on current progression levels. It is for people not following a plan but who want a reasonable workout and some guidance rather than choosing a totally random workout.

The new AI stuff doesnt take into account any sort of running. I wouldnt worry too much about the “recommended” part of TrainNow at this point either.

I don’t think it’s capable of that yet. If you look at the structure of a lot of the Tri base plans they actually have run and bike VO2 days back to back anyway. I end up moving them around as it doesn’t suit me either.

Pretty sure it takes into consideration what rides you’ve done before it. That’s the whole point. I had a “climbing” one recommended for the 4 days in a row I didn’t ride. I was waiting for my covid vaccine side effects to wear off. Then on Sunday I did a century ride. Today (monday) I’m being recommended an easy endurance ride.

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Pretty sure it doesn’t… @IvyAudrain can you confirm?

It does for me too.

It does take into account previous recent workouts.

Also it appears something new is coming soon regarding running as per hints in the latest podcast, so maybe running will also be considered in not so distant future.


What would the purpose of TrainNow be if it didn’t?
If it didn’t, you might as well put all the workouts in a randomizer and spit out a random result.

Anyway as other posted now too, TrainNow looks at your previous rides inside or out and recommends one depending on your previous training load.

For cycling, TrainNow DOES look at past workouts, and that is what forms the basis of what it does when it offers the Suggested workouts.

The specific thing TrainNow does NOT do is look at anything other than Cycling workouts. TR is not using Run, Swim, Strength, etc. data for any suggestions. Those non-cycling aspects are not implemented.

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I obviously didn’t explain myself. What I meant was that it (at least when initially launched, this has now changed I believe) choose suitable workouts for individuals based on fitness level and their progression level (so I suppose that is based on past workouts) but not based on fatigue levels (so it wouldn’t care if day before was rest, easy or v hard). However I think that may have changed. Apologies to all for any confusion.

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TrainNow DOES account for previous rides and workouts! You’re getting the correct advice here.