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Hello All,
I have registered for the beta program but have not yet been accepted in to it. My apps are updated and I have the TrainNow functionality.

I understand that not yet being accepted into the beta program the presented workouts using the TrainNow function don’t have the symbols confirming if the workout is a maintain or stretching workout (can’t remember the actual terms). My question is, not being in the beta program is there any intelligence put into the workouts suggested (other than a recovery one, climbing one and sprinting one), or does the intelligence only come when you get into the beta program or it becomes available to all?

Thank you.

Think this post from @SeanHurley covers it: New Feature - TrainNow - #250 by SeanHurley

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This is correct- whether or not you’re enrolled in the Adaptive Training closed beta, TrainNow is using your Progression Levels to recommend workouts. It works the same for ALL TrainerRoad athletes!


Does it also recommend workouts on all non-trainerroad rides that have been uploaded?
Or does it only analyze the trainerroad sessions?

Currently just TR workouts, but we’re working on incorporating all rides in the near future.

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Awesome! Great job, and huge effort you are doing at Trainerroad!

This is so exciting. Great there are guys like you who are so innovative!

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But as non Beta User I’m unable to see the progress chart is that correct? IIRC there was once this “barchart” with different “abilities” rated 1 to 10… but that’s in the beta only?

Correct- white viewing the Progression Levels chart is currently an Adaptive Training beta-only feature, TrainNow is using this information behind the scenes for all athletes.


@SeanHurley i know this question has been asked before but we haven’t seen an answer as of yet: any idea when non-beta users can see the workout level classification?

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I can’t commit to timelines on any specific features, since everything in beta is still being refined and tested to make sure it’s free of bugs and doesn’t cause any confusion or issues for our athletes. I can say we have quite a few Adaptive Training-related features we’re hoping to roll out to everyone in the very near future!


please stop teasing, I can’t cope anymore :wink:


Adding to this thread, as all the others seem to be overrun with AT beta discussion. I’m interested in how to best use available functionality right now.

Inferring progression levels from TrainNow as suggested by @jjmc shows I have extremely low endurance. Or that TR/TN is ignorant of it. The latter is likely, as I only do hard intervals indoors. Endurance rides get done outside. I am not alone in doing this.

Endurance = 1, Threshold = 4, VO2 = 8

Some options to feed the beast and get actual endurance recommendations from TN:

  • Do an indoor TR endurance workout
  • Do an outdoor TR endurance workout
  • Associate an outside ride with a TR endurance workout
  • End one of my upcoming SusBuild workouts early, after the intervals, and do an additional 30 min endurance workout.

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Any other suggestions?

I’ve tried your third option of associating outside rides with TR endurance workouts. I’ve associated a number of them giving me in theory an endurance level in the 7 range, yet Trainnow keeps offering me only endurance workouts in the 1.0 to 2.0 range.

I also have a number of completed TR endurance workouts in the 3+ range in my calendar but still nothing above 2.0 is offered.

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I tried doing an endurance ride indoors yesterday and it seems to have pushed the numbers up. I did it at 125% to help things along.
That said, my endurance suggestions in TN are now mostly around 4+ but go as low as 1.1 if I keep spinning. They were only slightly lower prior to the indoor workout and didn’t budge when I went riding outdoors.

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I voted for doing an indoor TR endurance workout if you really want your endurance recommendations to change. But really, I just wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re doing your endurance workouts outdoors anyway, just pick one yourself of the duration you desire and forget about picking it via TrainNow.


What’s everyone’s interpretation of ‘very near future’. I would say 2 to 4 weeks…

This had to be done :joy::rofl:

Also it ties in with what was hinted at on the podcast this week.

Why bother with trying to get the levels up for endurance, if your not doing endurance work as TN workouts anyway?

He probably wants to see what sort of progression levels AT cooks up for him?
I know I’m in that boat.

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I just ignore the endurance part. That is the easiest zone of all to pick your own workouts, and not really relevant anyways if you are doing all of it outside.

Mine was basically the same, even though I do 99% of all my rides indoors.