New Feature - TrainNow

I’m not certain what they are using. I’ve seen that it may be random from those that applied to other comments from TR rep. Buried in one of these threads is a link to comments from Nate and the Product Manager, and they differed slightly.

So I’m fuzzy on the answer.

Edit to add a link to the post I mentioned. See this and the one right below 8t to add to the confusion. :wink:

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Thanks for the replies. I understand now: even though I have updated the TR app (which is now showing the new design) and I “signed up” for adaptive training, my account has not been enabled for adaptive training. TR might not be able yet to handle the volume in the beta version.

… so, back to Ramp Test, I guess.

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@Nate_Pearson Loving this TN feature and used for the past week. The beta app with my Neo bike is so awesome. Work travel next week but then polarized scheduled for now but will use TN as substitute.

My workout today as I am just getting back at it with covid a month or so back and new job.


Just do a sweet spot workout and knock off some % so it’s at tempo?

So, is the trainnow ai on? Or for people not in adaptive training is giving random wo?

I’m asking because this morning I tried to let the function pick a attack wo for me… Every single one of them was so different…length of the interval, amount of intervals, rest between intervals… Etc… I didn’t see a cohesive pattern… Am I missing something?

Yep, for all users it’s using your Progression Level for the relevant power zone, and choosing an assortment of different workouts appropriate to that level and at your specified duration. The thing that’s tying all those workouts together is Difficulty Level, which isn’t yet publicly visible. Difficulty levels use a combination of different factors to quantify the real-world challenge of a workout, and are a way to compare the actual experience of workouts with differing interval structures, rest periods, and interval lengths.


Ah I see.

Granted the workout I picked was much harder than I anticipated. Maybe I should let the ai pick something for me instead!

Does trainnow take into consideration progression of workouts?

For example ive been upping to vo2max
I did 2.5 min at 120…then last week was 3 but at 115… this week I did 3.5 at 112…
I was expecting a suggestion on that range of power/time… But most of the suggestion were like 1 to 2 minutes at 120…

It does in as much as those workouts affect your Progression Levels, but your Level in the respective Training Zone (and the duration you specify) is the only thing TrainNow refernces. So, to create an imaginary example, say you’ve recently done VO2 max workouts with long intervals. TrainNow will still include VO2 max workouts with short intervals in its recommendations if those workouts are at an appropriate difficulty level.

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So the difficulty could be potentially similar to what i did this morning (3.5 min @ 112), but with shorter intervals (say 2 min @ 125%)…

Is that what you mean?

Exactly. Say you successfully complete a Level 5 VO2 max workout. This raises your VO2 max Progression Level to 5. TrainNow recommends VO2 max workouts with an appropriate difficulty level in comparison to your Progression Level (5) no matter their structure. They could have long but less-intense intervals, short but more-intense intervals, or it could be the recovery time between the intervals making the workout more or less challenging. At any rate, all the workouts it recommends for each zone will be similar in real-world difficulty and appropriate to your Progression Level in that zone, despite their potentially varying design.



I like that…
I guess is difficult to see whats going on with so many things still hidden…
I guess once everything shows up it will make more sense of the wo its recommending and why.
This morning it just looked like random intervals… Happy to know there is some reason for the madness.

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Just to check something, would TrainNow take into consideration if I’d been struggling with a particular type of workout (when showing me options of that sort)? From what I’m reading, it should, but I’d like to be sure.

TrainNow seems to be quite interesting. I’ve been checking it’s offerings every now and again to see what it thinks. I’ve manually adjusted my FTP a couple of times which resets all the TrainNow progression stuff.

It’ll be interesting to see, now that I’ve settled on an FTP number until end of base/next ramp, how long it takes to get an updated feel for my levels.

I just took one recommendation “Twin Peaks” and scheduled it in for Friday to see what it is like since I had to redo my training plan last night and ended up with multiple Palisades for this week.

It’s my understanding that the Train Now feature uses the training progression levels that will be driving the Adaptive Training feature. So if you struggle with VO2 then you might be a level 3 and Train Now will give you VO2 workouts that are around a level 3 and not throw in a level 8 that you can’t handle.

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This is correct. It will take into account your relative abilities from zone-to-zone, but doesn’t look at your abilities for specific types of workouts (i.e. over-unders vs. sustained efforts). Also, remember that the more recent TR workouts you’ve done, the more accurate it will be.


TrainNow feature request: outdoors filter (as it seems many workouts are indoor only?)

Workaround: At the moment, I’m taking the recommendation and searching for a similar workout that has the outside toggle. (Example: black giant instead of black giant -1)

New user & first Forum Post - Thanks TR, joined as I’m excited for adaptive training. (Particularly unstructured outdoor ride integration using HR TSS)

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Heres a thought regarding outdoor workouts… if they only make a difference if they’re official TR outside rides… can you load up a free ride of how ever many hours you are planning… ride as you like and TR will be able to use that for adaptation.

Is that how free rides work?

How does one successfully complete an endurance ride? And what is the progression if they don’t get longer?

It’s not like I’m ever going to fail an endurance ride on the trainer.

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In the future once we implement that feature: YES. Unstructured outside rides imported to TrainerRoad can result in potential Adaptive Training suggestions as well. Will be pretty slick when its live!


Have to say I am loving this TrainNow feature and I am tempted to keep using it and not add a plan.

Last couple of weeks been traveling so that is the main reason I have tried it. Usually do 3 endurance either 1 vo2 max or sweet spot a week.

Nice to be able to not think about it and below is my workout today. Seemed just right and have been doing a few workouts I have never done in the library.