Adaptive Training Closed Beta Update

Thank you to the many thousands of athletes who registered for access to the Adaptive Training closed beta! Going forward we’ll provide regular updates on how things are coming along, both here and on the podcast.

We added our first group of athletes to the beta on Thursday, and we’re adding more athletes this week. You’ll be notified by email when you get access, with the subject line “You’ve been added to the Adaptive Training closed beta!” Initially, we’re starting slowly so we can watch how the system handles the influx of new athletes, and so we can make sure no major bugs or confusions arise. As things gain momentum over the next few weeks we’ll begin adding athletes in larger and larger groups if everything goes smoothly. You’ll be able to apply adaptive functionality to your existing plan when you’re added, so it doesn’t require anything special from you in the meantime.

We’ll also be releasing aspects of Adaptive Training to ALL TrainerRoad athletes at regular intervals during the beta period, with the first new features scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the blog for specific announcements, and keep the feedback coming here on the forum- it’s helping us fine-tune Adaptive Training to be as useful and effective as possible for everyone.


4/5 Update
The total number of athletes in the closed beta is 586.

3/29 Update
We’ve added another group of athletes to the beta, bringing our total to 347.

3/11 Podcast Update
We added another 50 athletes to the beta, bringing our total to 130.


Hi Brandon,

Big thanks to you and everyone else in the TrainerRoad team for this. I’m very excited to see the new features when they’re ready :slight_smile:


If we are not in the closed beta is there a way for users to see their Progression Scores? This seems to be just a viewing metric

All this beta talk always makes me think of this band, The Beta Boys, that I like very much.

Hopefully someday soon I get that sweet email and I can be a beta boy myself.


Will you be adding people in order of signup, or randomly?

I’m super excited to start using adaptive training.


Brandon, could you provide a summary of numbers, you say thousands have signed up. How many are already in - and when you add more could you say how many you add each time? Would help us folks with less patience to assess when we might get added to to AT?

Many thanks



Exciting news! Very much looking forward to getting access, keep up the great job.

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Or a %? Like “1% are in already based on sign ups by X, and another 6% will receive notices this week…”

Not at the moment. As mentioned above we do have plans to release parts of Adaptive Training directly to production as we go though.


We’re doing a mix of things including how long you have been with TR, athletes who submitted their names first, etc.


My goal this first week is to get a couple hundred added in. As mentioned above this is all dependent on no critical bugs showing up. The goal after that is to keep ramping things up, but I don’t want to commit to any sort of number we’re shooting for, as that could change for the better or worse depending on how things go.

I will occasionally drop updates as we get things established and start to ramp things up more.


Oooh, I like this metric. Can anyone beat August (or so) of 2011? :slight_smile:


Yep. :wink:

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I feel “Number of times completing Disaster” should be a key metric. :grimacing:


Dammit - I’ve only done it six times…grrrr…I just know that won’t be enough.


I’m exiting to see how this ML adaptive training works :+1: For example to me ramp test seems to be tricky - when cadence start to fall I will loose the game. Depending how well the ramp test went I need to adapt manually my workouts during the first week of training.

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Thans for the update. TR are great at communicating and interacting with their users.

We are all impatient but a good communication strategy helps and you guys nail that.

Can’t wait to see what it’s like.


I am brand new to TrainerRoad so I certainly haven’t earned a spot in line like everyone else posting here but I will say that your timing for adding this feature for me is amazing.

I was initially trying Sufferfest because of their 4DP profiles but now I am excited to see how the TrainerRoad system works because what I have been reading about AdaptiveTraining so far is really intriguing.

I see a lot of workouts in my future and I’ll be using the “TrainNow” function often to get me going!

When can we expect to see that available on iOS as well?

Thanks for this amazing training platform!

By 18 months - March 2010 but not in the beta yet!!!