Question about TrainNow

Does it keep in mind my outdoor rides?? I have noticed all workouts suggested are much higher TTS, IF, than scheduled ones on my plan… maybe that’s why doesn’t keep in mind my outdoor rides and TR think I need more stress??

At the moment it’s just comparing planned TR workouts with what you achieved. Nate said on the podcast that they were in the process of adding outdoor TR workouts then they’d look at “free rides” both with and without power data.

So I’d stick to planned workouts, right?

Since I’m not on the closed beta I’m only guessing. Does the system take account of TSS you add for outdoor rides? Do you add the TSS for your outdoor rides assuming no power meter?

I add estimated TSS as my outdoor rides don’t have power datas…

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I wonder how the AI will deal with TR workouts performed with different power meters that give a consistent higher or lower reading.

Well, my mistake about title of thread. I meant TrainNow option, no adaptative training…

Maybe this helps?

I got it. Thanks