How is TrainNow going for you?

I want to share my experiences so far with TrainNow. I just started Sustained Build MV. Took a 2 week “break” after SSBMVII and focused on more base/tempo training, including Haute Route in Zwift. I was also dreading the increasing time and intensity of sustained build, which was part of my procrastination; and then TrainNow/AdaptiveTraining was announced. So I’ve been modifying the standard plan, substituting whatever TrainNow suggests for VO2 intervals instead of the standard Tuesday workouts which tack on 15 min of extra aerobic, seemingly just to increase TSS. Trying to do longer Z2 rides in Zwift (literally just a custom workout with 2 hours of 5 min Z2 intervals while I grind AdZ).

1st workout suggested was Grassy Ridge +1 (.85 IF, 68 TSS) which I easily conquered while upping the the intensity to 110%. This week, TrainNow came back with Ansel Adams -1 (.97 IF 94 TSS). This one felt about right, and I didn’t feel the need to adjust the intensity.


Haven’t used it yet. I don’t have a computer.

It’s on the mobile app.


So does train now already adjust for your levels in the different workout categories of attack/climb/endurance?

Looks like it has been going well for you. How do you think it would have compared to the normal plan?

Yes, according to the TR responses posted so far. It uses the same ML engine as adaptive training. Not using your non-TR workouts/rides (yet), however.

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TrainNow works outside of plans though, so it doesn’t consider what plan you’re doing or what you have scheduled in the future.

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I don’t have it in my IOS app.

I think that TN is only available on the beta version of the mobile apps at the moment.

It is in the main version of the Win/Mac versions.


It’s in the iOS beta.

Got it. Thanks.

Based on the other comments, I’m guessing it’s a beta version. I’m running crappy phones, so I don’t want to try and run experimental software on a low end/old phone.

That may be a slight exaggeration. It’s an open beta, not an alpha or closed beta release. There’s a large number of users running the iOS beta. This being iOS, you do have to install TestFlight to run it, but it’s no more of a resource hog nor a risk than the general release version.

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I am on Android. But I think you might be surprised how LOW performance my phone is. I can’t even take a picture while using TR :joy:

(Only about $100 though)

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As an update, I decided what the hell and tried the beta. I like the Train Now function. Since I am canceling all my training goals for the season now due to the race season going to hell, I will start using it until I get added to the adaptive program.

But…I am getting a lot of crashes. A LOT. So basically I am going on, using the function to pick a workout, then it crashes. I assign that workout to my calendar and the next time it opens I just go straight to the workout. WOrked last night, we’ll see if it works in the future :rofl:

Train Now keeps suggesting low intensity aerobic endurance rides and thats all… Anyone else having this problem?

I haven’t used train now yet , below is a screen shot of what mine shows:

If you’ve done relatively long or intense workouts or unstructured rides within the last couple days, TrainNow will generally recommend an endurance ride. Of course you can always ignore the recommendation and choose a climbing or attacking workout if you prefer.

I took a mid season break and had climbing recommendations for 12+ days in a row. Otherwise endurance recommendations. No confirmed sightings of an attacking recommendations.