Training Planning on Calendar to Allow for Illness


I’m just exploring yr trainer road calendar and using to plan my year ahead. Previously I’ve done this on excel but the calendar looks a massive improvement on spreadsheets.

One query I have is that at some point during the winter I normally get a cold or two so my plan goes slightly off target as I tend to adjust training to suit and try to follow Coach Chad’s guidelines. IE stop and take it easy then start plan slight back from where I left off.

Last season was worse than normal as my 2 year old daughter started nursery and brought home lots of colds. So unfortunately I was about a month or two behind where I needed to be for my crit season which starts in May and I actually started to peak as the season ended in July. This year I have scheduled my training to start & peak early and my new plan is to finish the Crit plan a month or so before my Summer Crit season starts. This is because I expect to loose a month or so due to colds (maybe 2 x 2 weeks) but hopefully I will not be as bad as last year.

What are your thoughts on this? and do you have any good tips to avoid getting bugs from your children?


Keep up the good work (5 stars for software & podcast)

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You can start by placing your separate phases a week apart, to have some spacing to allow for future adjustment.

When you need to, you can Push or Pull weeks to adjust as needed.

If you haven’t, I suggest watching the video introduction of the Calendar. It covers this idea.

And here are related Calendar instructions.

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