Pushing rest of plan forward, missed a week of training

Hi all,

Last week I was off my feet. The normal flu. It still exists, even in COVID times. So I missed the 2nd week of my training plan. Is there any option to push the rest of the plan forward in the calendar?

There used to be a Push/Pull option in the calendar via the three dots on the right:


For some reason TR took this logical option away and now you need to click on an empty part of any day (why?) in the week and you’ll get a dialog box.

The option at the bottom of the dialog is “Add an Annotation”, click that (yep, really, really obvious).


From the next dialog choose the most obvious option,


so in your case “Illness” and set the start and end date. Click “Add” and if you’re using AT you’ll be asked if you want to adjust your plan otherwise your plan will just shift back a week.

I wouldn’t say the immune system isn’t strong enough based on his post. I have been a DC as well as functional medicine practitioner and have helped people regain their health since 1997. I look at things differently than many. It isn’t about having a super immune system. Our body is supposed to work a certain way and the immune system can’t be more than it was designed to be. The key is not to live in a way that suppresses your immune system function. Yes, relative to how many live lifestyle wise some may seem to have a super immune system but again that is in comparison to others.

In life we get exposed to many pathogens and are surrounded by them. There are about 10,000 different kinds that live in and on a healthy body. 10 bacterial cells for every human cell. From time to time the immune system has to function a certain way in order to adapt. Part of that function is to have an immune response such as fever, chills, cough, etc… I look at this as not being “sick” but as having a healthy immune response. One shouldn’t have chronic symptoms but you shouldn’t also never have any symptoms (sorry for the double negative lol). That isn’t a sign of health as that actually can be a sign of poor immune response which can really leave you vulnerable to things as the years go by. It doesn’t always feel good to have symptoms but they are part of a properly functioning body whose immune system is responding and part of life. Your point on nutrition goes without saying though as nutrition is a component of health. Anyway, carry on gentlemen.


Thanks for your response. I tried. Having AT on. No questions on adjusting. Also no shifting. Think I’m going to just create a new plan.

The amount of time time you take off and where your illness/time off fell may not always result in changes in your previous workouts, (ie if you were to just have more chill endurance rides the following week anyways, your week off wouldn’t result in a change). In your case, starting over completely is totally fine! :+1:

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