Life Happens - Need to Edit Training Plan

I am early in the SSB1 and had a medical crisis in the family that has kept me off the bike. I have time to push the whole plan back a week and still hit my target event. Can I insert a blank week in the middle of a training plan and push everything back a week?

That’s totally fine, Alan. If you push the whole plan back a week, just hop back in where you left off, and keep working. It sounds like you’re lucky enough to have time to do so while still hitting your target event. Check out this article about editing your training plan for some more guidance:

Sorry to hear about the medical crisis! I hope things get better for everyone in your family soon, and wish you the best of luck with your training!


I am more concerned about how to shift the workouts on the calendar so they are matching up with proper dates. It makes sense to just insert a blank week but I am not sure how to do this. Obviously this will affect the follow-on plans as well but those I can address just by changing the start date. Since I am part way through SSB1, how do I insert a week into the existing planned structure in the calendar? Thanks

Hi Alan, in calendar move to a week you haven’t started yet and on the right hand side of that week there are three dots … click an that and choose push week and the rest of the plan will move a week. For the week started you can just drag and drop each workout to a date if you choose to.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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Here’s a photo to illustrate the comment above:

Check out this Help Center article about all the different ways you can edit your Calendar:



Thanks for that info. I think I had heard that in the past but I forgot about the ellipsis. I may be a bit overtired right now. This solved the problem quite nicely.

Always appreciated to have a helpful and quick responding forum.



Good luck getting back.

One more tip depending how your plan is structured- make sure the first one back is an easy ride or a ramp test or the biggest ride in the phase

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Thanks. I have a couple of longer easier rides this weekend and then jumping into the next week’s Tuesday session.


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I want to push my plan two weeks, but the ellipsis on the calendar week only has one option, to “copy week.” Am I overlooking something? Thanks.