Sick and holiday: Start over or continue plan?

My last ride was December 4th. I got a cold, my family got sick, and then the holiday craziness came up. After Xmas, I plan to get back in the bike.

So do I continue my plan and label all missed workouts as sick, then use the adaptive thing to make the changes? Or do I just totally scrap my current plan and start new?

If I do start a new plan, what do I do? I’m not racing. I just want to be in shape when mountain bike season comes in April. I have about 4 to 6 hours to ride per week.

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Add an annotation and let the plan adapt.

I’m in a similar position. Had a planned week off around the 10th due to travel, then got sick and am still trying to get rid of this cold.
Like you I don’t race but I’ve set a “placeholder” event early July. I decided I’m starting over. If I was “peaking” in April I would have possibly let AT adjust but without an actual event more base and build is better then spaciality phase…