Dealing with vacations and periods of illness in plan builder

I’ve probably missed it in the other discussions about plan builder, but is there a way to adjust for short periods where you know you won’t be able to train, such as holiday trips, and is there a way to adjust for unexpected periods where you can’t train, such as illness?

Thanks for that. It doesn’t really though answer the question of whether there is a way to get plan builder to adjust for illness or holiday. I can add a new event into plan builder and it will adjust the workouts around that automatically. I can’t though seemingly add in a holiday nom training week and have it adjust for that.

I don’t think they have a feature for this, but there is a workaround for when the break is planned in advance.

  1. Set your final A race (and every race between your break and the A race) a week earlier than its actual date, so that the whole plan is one week shorter.
  2. Push (not move - push) the week covering your break by one week.

That’s how you end up with exactly what you’re looking for, except that there are no special measures for recovering the fitness lost during the break, etc. If, for example, the week you pushed is a recovery week, you might want to do some modifications yourself (repeat the week you had done before the break instead or something).

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I was going to ask this. I set this week to be my start week in plan builder, with loads of C races in the summer/autumn and the A race in early December.
Unfortunately, I’ve had man flu since the weekend and I’m still coughing and sneezing, so I didn’t want to do a ramp test yesterday (especially seeing as it was -2 and I do it in the garage). When I tried to push the week so it started a week later, it said that it would break plan builder. Seeing as I’ve got loads of time, I can just recalculate the plan, but it means losing any manual alterations I made in the middle, and it would be a real pain if I have to do that next time I’m sick and miss a couple of workouts.

What is the recommended way of adjusting the Plan?

They’re working on it:


I used stage race, c, and set the tss to 1.