Training plan assistant would be much appreciated...... Everest challenge booked

I would really appreciate anyone taking a bit of time to give me the benefit of their experience on where I should turn now on the Training programme.

2nd Dec - Sweet Spot Base LVI
11th Jan - Sweet Spot Base LVII
23rd Feb - Sustained Power Build LV

I will do the final week of the Sustained Power build next week. I only do the LV plans as I like to add outdoor rides as I want, on average 5-6 rides a week (incl the LV plan)

I have just booked an Everest challenge for the 21st September and so I want to train for that.

Is it too early to start training specifically for that? What would you suggest I should do for the next training programme - Start all over again?

I would really welcome thoughts and ideas as I really don’t know what would be best. Should I put in a plan builder with the dates and see what it comes up with?

I’ve attached my calendar if that helps.

Many thanks for your time :slight_smile:

One quick option is to use the TR Plan Builder, set the start date when you began your SSBLV1, add your Everest as your A-event, and then let Plan Builder fill in the blank time between now and then.

  • You can review it during the process to see if you even like the approach.

  • You can step back in the process and change inputs (like Beginner vs Expert) to alter what phases the Plan Builder adds, and see the results.

That would be the first thing to try and see at least 2 or 3 ways you could go, direct via TR.


What type of event would you flag an Everesting as in plan builder - a long Climbing Road Race, or Gran Fondo?

I would say a Gran Fondo. Climbing road race tries to prepare you more for bursts of short effort during the race to attack, which is something you won’t be worrying about in an everesting attempt.


Yup, GF would be one option. But I want to add that it could be something else depending on the climb in question (mainly length of each ascent, which relates a bit to intensity).

Likely GF is a good coverall, but there might be needs to alter some workouts if you are doing short and steep with lots of repeats vs longer and less steep, with fewer laps.

I would think any plan that includes the Sustained Power Build is a decent start. But General Build could play a bit too if the hills are shorter. Climbing Road Race may not be bad, but I would almost expect the Century or TT Specialties to be best.

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The climbs that I am looking into are as follows on Strava.

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Did you run the Everest calculator to see your overall time and each climb estimate?

Seems you are in for some steady loading on medium to long segments, so the Gran Fondo might be the best fit.

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I haven’t tried the climb, so don’t have a speed to put in the climb time. I’ll have to go down there and recce it to be able to get that info.

You may not need to ride it. Use the following calculator, along with your predicted power data to see what it estimates.

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Using the Training Plan builder and putting the event in as a Gran Fondo, it’s made the following suggestion.

  1. Sustained Power Build - Low Volume
  2. Century - Low Volume
  3. Sustained Power Build - Low Volume
  4. Century - Low Volume
  5. Recovery week.

One thing I’m not clear on is that the Century week doesn’t finish before the event date I’ve put in (21st Sept) and the recovery week starts on the 27th Sept.

Guessing a bit without seeing it, but the TR PB adds a full recovery week after the A-event, as the finishing week to the A-event process. Is that what you are seeing?

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Putting in power on the climb at only 90w and none of it makes sense… :frowning:

This is what I’m seeing for the 3 weeks before the event… I would have thought a recovery week before?

OK, you would not typically have a “Recovery week” before an A-event. What you sometimes have is a “Taper week” or more. That is a very different beast compared to recovery.

I need more time to dig in, but with a low volume plan, and the century in particular, there may not be as much need for a real “Taper” when compared to other specialties.


Thanks very much for your insight Chad - As you can see I’m a total novice at this stuff :slight_smile:

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Yeah, something is not calculating right on the elevation gain. This is a Strava “Route” vs “Segment”. The calculator seems to load either fine, but I wonder if there is something off because of the “Route” option, or there is bad data somehow?

I tried with both routes, and got weird results from each.

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Got it working with this route PM ALT DEL CAMPELLO | Strava Ride Segment in Vallada, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

Based on 152w at climbing it will take a lot of time!!!

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Yup, most Everests with mortals are in the 14 hour plus range, and are no joke for a day on the bike. Glad you got it working, so you can get a better picture of the day ahead. There are a couple of other Everesting thread here that are worth look for good info.

Not to mention the main Everesting site and a couple on FB if you follow there. Worth doing LOTS of research for such a big day.

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I was hoping for 18 hours…there are less steep climbs, I wonder if I’d be better to sacrifice gradient for time.

You can find a different segment and run the same calculator. I think it’s recommended to be around 8% or steeper to keep it from becoming a SUPER long day, but that depends on rider weight and FTP.

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