Everesting Opinions

Hello Everyone, yesterday I decided that I would like to try an Everest. At some point in this season. I probably will do many training rides before on that hill also longer ones. The Climb is very short, but it is close to my home and I know it is probably not optimal but I and this climb have a special relationship that’s why I would like to do it there. I think I will set myself some smaller goals on the way. Yesterday I did my first 1000hm on that climb, about 25 reps. and the next step will be to make it 100 reps on a weekend soon to come, with proper nutrition and some preparation, yesterday I just did jump on the bike and ride the hill.

I probably will have to learn to ride it even slower I guess. What do you guys think? I know it will require a lot of training and will be difficult mentally, also like I say there are better hills for this. One thing I don’t care about is the time if it takes me forever so it bee also just doing half of it would be a great accomplishment for me. Also, I think I rather do half an Everest on my hill than a full Everest on just a random hill at least at this point.

Here some pictures from yesterday’s ride. What do you think?


A lot of people use a small climb, like 40m per rep for their Everesting. If you enjoy the climb go for it, just keep climbing until you hit 8848. You did 1008m in 1h20m, if you can hold that all the way through you’ll be done in <11 hours, that’s a solid pace.

From my experience, I perfer a 300m or so climb, it takes about 25-30 minutes up and 6-7 minutes to get down, enough time to recover, but each rep knocks out a good chunk of vert.

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Interesting to hear from you and other’s experience. Very encouraging, I start more and more to believe this is possible. Not right now maybe but with the right training and dedication it for sure is not impossible and probably for me the worst thing would be not to set a goal like that because of being afraid of failure.

That’s the beauty of Everesting, you’re either close to home or close to your car so the risk of getting stuck is minimal as opposed to a 500km epic in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, just set a date, have a plan for food and drinks for the duration and go for it. Even if you bail at 5000 meters, that’s still one hell of a ride.

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Haha yes that’s a bit unfair if you are from the Netherlands :slight_smile: So for you i can show you many hills around Switzerland :slight_smile:

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Because Ven-Top is a monumentally boring climb would be my guess.

That and the fact that it isn’t available on a daily basis. AdZ is there everyday if you want it.


Maybe you can use a multi-story car park. :laughing:
Or a bridge. You could even use both sides then, saving on turnaround time. Perfect. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That technically violates the rules of Everesting…has to be the same climb from the same direction each time. Who was the Bora-Hangrohe rider that had his attempt DQ’d because he did one of the ascents from the other side of the climb…was it Kamna?

I dont know how much of an issue it is but for me TR for my rides typically say 1,500ft (circa 450m) more than Strava for a ride of 3,500ft (circa 1000m). I saw last night that the Everesting record has been broken again but the holder done the climb another 2 times just in case.

I am going to have a go at Everesting, probably this year. However I have decided that I will be doing it indoor. I am likely to take about 16-17 hours, I will be unsupported and I don’t really fancy doing it through the night.
I will likely use the route that is on FulGaz for that purpose. It requires 16 laps as I recall. It is not yet certified by the Hells 500 club but that doesn’t bother me.
Otherwise I might use Zwift and AdZ.

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Mmmm…what if you say it’s one climb, it just has a bit of a descent in it?

No mid-climb descents allowed…has to be one continuous climb.

Now, all that only matters if you want it to be an “official” Everesting attempt. Personally, if anyone climbs 29K feet in a single ride, I don’t give a rat’s patootie how they do it…impressive as hell, no matter how you do it.


Definitively. I actually find it a bit weird how many rules there are about something that is essentially a personal challange.


Funny that isn’t it. I love ADZ, but I’d rather take a cheese grater to my shins than go Ven Top.

Hope they do more epic climbs though, they just need to keep them interesting. ADZ is class, my favourite thing to do in Zwift.

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You are free to do whatever you want for any old ride, of course.

But if you want to do an ‘Everesting’, there are rules to fall within the aim they had in mind. They coined the term and the idea, so they effectively “own” what it really means.

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Plenty of useful tips and advice on this guy’s website:

The switchbacks play a big part in it, IMO…it breaks the ride up into manageable chunks. Ven-Top is one long grind with no memorable landmarks (other than Chalet Renard, ~5K from the top).


For me I can get really into virtual worlds. I just need a few immersive hooks and my imagination does the rest.

It’s the most engaging for a number of reasons, like the gamification for one and the most claustrophobic feeling, but you already know those and are dismissive of them so it’s not your thing.

I everested an extremely steep hill last fall, with grades above 20%. I can not emphasize enough the value of the easiest possible gearing, and of absolutely massive fueling. I ate mostly waffles and bread through the course of the day, with some supplemental Beta Fuel/ candy/ etc. And I rode as easy as I possibly could given the inherent limitation of a very steep climb. I did it on TR base fitness only (SSB HV1+2).



No really long preparation rides?