Training plan assistant would be much appreciated...... Everest challenge booked

So this climb fits the bill then… best get training :grin:

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Yup, raise that FTP, consider your gearing and plan some serious time training at longer intervals around the power and cadence you expect to apply. Get your body and mind ready for the continued and repeated strain. :smiley:

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Thanks Chad… appreciate your time and thoughts. I hope the plan raises my FTP… in all honesty so far the training doesn’t seem to have made a massive difference.

The FB group is very good. Lots of experience to be had there.


Playing with the Everesting calculator is giving me some dangerous ideas!

The TL;DR is that if I were to attempt it on the hill linked above, and I aimed for a time of 12 hours, it would basically mean a ride equivalent to a workout of the form 25 x ( 21min at sweet spot, 6min rest )

I mean … how card can that be? :joy:

I’d never really thought about attempting it before, partly because there aren’t any hills within hundreds of miles of where I live that would be suitable. But if travel restrictions ease over the summer, what better way to spend a day on holiday…


I think a common rule of thumb is around mid to high Endurance (70-75%) is a decent power plan. That considers the need to repeat a ton (as you not the 25x) and the fact you may get a decent bit of recovery on the down. That does vary with each hill and how “relaxing” the down really is. Lots of turns is kinda scary, because keeping your head on straight for so many hours is a fair bit to ask with all the work too.

I have eyed Everesting for years now, and am still too scared, coupled with not having any great hill options. I’d love to do it on Bearthooth Pass, as the first person ever to do it. But it is an 8 mile stretch, with 5% average. Past calcs had me at nearly a full day pedaling over 200 miles, since the pitch is too shallow for the distance. Just not ideal.


Yeah, I think my power estimations (mostly just for fun) are a little optimistic … but for me personally, descending any hill that long and steep, that many times is asking for trouble. I’d probably get more tired, with worse concentration as the day went on and end up cooking my brakes by dragging them all the way down…

Maybe a vEveresting instead :thinking:


I am planning on doing a vEverest on FulGaz using their segment which is suitable. Gerlospass.
It is not a authorised ride but I couldn’t care less about that.
I am planning retirement in a few weeks and it is on my todo list very quickly after that.