Recommend a PLAN

I’m doing a Grand Fondo in 8 weeks. It has 6500 ft of climbing with 3 fairly tough climbs. I suffered big time last year and missed my time goal by 45 minutes. More importantly, I was miserable half way through the ride. Most of my training in the past few years has been indoors and consists of mostly high intensity intervals. Let’s face it, that’s what we do indoors anyway right ;). It was obvious last season that I lacked endurance so my question is, what plan would you recommend to best prepare me for the grand fondo that’s in 8 weeks? Thanks in advance for the feedback. I know this forum is full of extremely knowledgeable people. So thanks!

@Charles6297 - Just start with the Sweet Spot base do your Grand Fondo and continue with the build and specialty as suggested in the Training Progression. It will be a change in your training pattern and that will force a training adaption.


I’d say it depends on your level of fitness and current training stress right now.

If you’re just getting into training seriously now and haven’t really pushed a pedal in anger so far this year, then Sweetspot Base is probably the only way to go.

If you’ve built up a base over winter and you’ve been doing some regular harder rides, I’d do Sustained Power Build. But do it at whatever volume matches the volume of riding you’re currently doing.

Also, I’d have a search of the forum (and Ask A Cycling Coach podcasts) for advice on fuelling a Gran Fondo.

(In short, the advice is: eat LOTS before and as much as you can tolerate during, or else you will be miserable halfway through the ride again. And I mean LOTS.)