Training After COVID

Several weeks ago I contracted COVID after volunteering as an Election Judge. Note: I was overly cautious up to this point and trained almost exclusively by myself since March. However, I felt a responsibility to work at this year’s elections. I spent two weeks in isolation and recovering from mild symptoms. Up until that point, my training (including my nutrition) was solid and disciplined. I hit all my major goals and my FTP increased throughout the year (marginally towards the end, but increased nonetheless). Now that I’ve been off the bike for nearly three weeks straight, how would you recommend getting back on a training plan, especially considering that we’re entering colder, darker winter training? I consider myself fully recovered from COVID.

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You might find some useful information in the threads below. Thank you for volunteering.


Usual disclaimers about any advice you get here not coming form medical profesionals, etc…

But I’d ease back into it. Some here have reported lingering symptoms or symptoms that flare back up. it is November and there is not need to ramp back up quickly, IMO. Better to make sure your body is ready for the reintroduction of training stress.

Maybe consider Traditional base LV to start and see how you feel?

RTA - thanks for working the polls!

My experience was that I rode really easy after 6 days and same for the next 3 weeks. Then, I physically “felt” 100% but when I did efforts, my lungs hurt pretty bad. So I tried a long 95 mile ride with a lot of climbing, but Z2 pace, where 85 miles in I bonked and had to stop and eat a big meal just to make it home. About 6 weeks in, I started a 12 week base phase on TR with zero problems, and no pain. Given that no one knows anything, and everyone is different, this is useless to you, but my experience. There were early reports of reinfection that turned out to be relapse, so I would really EASE back in…and not do a long ride like I did until you are really ready.

Thanks for all the replies and feedback. This is very good advice and will help to get back, or at least maintain some level of fitness.

I had Covid in the middle of September. I had a series of tests (FBC, ESR, D-dimers, troponin, ecg) at 11 or 12 days post onset of symptoms (having felt fine since day 6-7, and no fever since day 3) and they all came back normal, save for a slight abnormalities in certain white blood cells consistent with having recently had a mild/moderate viral infection. I was cleared to train easy from day 14. The first few rides were definitely tougher than I’d have expected but after 7-10 days I was back to normal and re-started my TR plan. Touch wood, no subsequent problems.


When you restarted your TR plan, did you use your previous FTP, adjust it manually, or retake a ramp test?

Dropped it 5% manually for 2 weeks, then took an early ramp test. Ended up on the figure I’d dropped it to :man_shrugging:

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