3 weeks into my plan and got COVID

Hey guys, so I am about 3 or 4 weeks into my plan and got COVID. Once I get better should I pick up where I left off or just completely start over with a new FTP test and everything.

This is my first time using a structured training plan, and I am currently doing the low volume plan.


Too many factors to consider to answer straight away, such as severity, length of symptoms etc.

You’ll just have to wait and see. If its just 1 or two weeks then you can probably start slowly with some endurance and just carry on. Alternatively, just use the annotations in the calendar to mark time as illness and let it recalculate for you.

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What @Crownan said…too many variables to make any plans. Rest, recover and then reassess.

Plenty of time left…

oh cool, I didn’t even know the annotation feature to mark “illness” was a feature. I just blocked out the next week and will reassess once I start feeling a bit better.

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Quite a few of us in the same position as you. This thread is a great read through:


Spoke to my coach about this.

Once symptoms are gone, 3 days complete rest. Then 1 week of z1 rides 30-45min long, really easy.

Since TR is very intensity heavy, I would then do another week with more z2 rides. I would then retest, and then start a plan again!


Sorry to hear that. The only person I saw it close in was my mate. He normally a podium TTer. The first weekend after isolation he was a shadow of himself, the weekend after was an improvement but still not perfect. I never saw him for a month but when I did he was as strong as ever. :crossed_fingers: For your recovery.

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appreciate the insight! I am starting to feel a little bit better so hopefully can get back on the bike in the next few days for a recovery ride.

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I got covid about 2 weeks into my base plan. I was out for atleast a week. I jumped right back into it without really skipping a beat


I got sick after a 2 week break, 2 days before starting SSB2. Didn’t ride–Felt pretty ragged the first two days, but by day 4 I was just about well. Started a week late. Didn’t do ramp test. Struggled that first week, but starting my 3rd week, I feel I’m getting back into the groove.

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Im just getting over it - nothing too serious (cold/flu symptoms). How do I ‘push’ my workouts out by a week in the calendar?

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Use the annotation feature, mark the time as illness and let AT adapt your plan for you. :slight_smile:

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It’s so nuts how different Covid hits people. Whole house had it a few weeks ago…. Thank you preschool! My kids and I were asymptomatic, my wife got it pretty bad! If I wasn’t notified my daughter got exposed, I would have never had any reason to get tested.

I kept it to tempo and below for a week just to keep things safe, but had no issues picking right back up. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!!


I know this is different bc my illness wasn’t respiratory but I had a bad gout attack in my foot on Friday of week 2. Couldn’t put weight on it at all.

I’m on a low volume so I skipped Sat and the following Tue. Felt better on Wed but I knew Thu’s ride would be very hard after 6 days off so instead of resting again on Wed, I did a 30 min opener. I actually struggled to finish it. It was difficult

Fortunately it worked. The next day I tried my prescribed Thu ride which was a 0.3 bump over the one I did the night before the time off. I finished without issue (more easily than the opener I did the day before) and I’ve been on track ever since.

Hope you recover quickly and completely!

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Thank you all for sharing your experience. I recently was exposed and tested positive. I just have a lingering cough from strep and bronchitis on New Year. I haven’t missed much of my training after I recovered from that. I am going to try to ride outside today, only for about 2 hours.

I signed up for Whiskey 50 and I really want to do well. Trying to listen to my body not the voice in my head saying I am not sick, I am not sick.

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I have covid at the moment and tried this. AT thinks my first session back should be a ramp test.

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Main thing at moment is to focus on recovery and your health, training takes a back seat.

haha this happened to me as well, I just used the annotation feature and marked the entire week as “illness” and it moved the ramp test out to the following week.