Tracking Additional Z2 in LV Plan

I guess this will only be relevant for a while until outside rides are analysed but seems a good question with AT modifying my plans.

I’m on an LV plan and happy with the amount of trainer time but I do try to add more outside z2 rides (most z2 on the plan are also done outside). Trying to work out if I should add a TR outside workout and track it even if it’s only 90mins or go outside and stick to z2 without any input into TR.

Obviously, when v2 is released it will feed back into AT and not overload me but not sure of the most favourable method until then.

Do you have your outdoor rides feed in through Strava? Only reason I ask is so that they are taken into account with ai ftp. Personally I always loaded up a z2 outdoor workout to help remind me to stay in z2. But it doesn’t matter for AT at this point.