Outside Workouts and Extra TSS from Z2

New to TR, was drawn in by the outside workouts feature. I don’t have a trainer and prefer riding outside. I’ve been doing structured training for the past 6 months, averaging about 550 TSS per week. I started the SSBHV plan but since I live in Singapore, with it’s packed roads, I have to ride to the quieter areas to perform the TR workouts. This can add 1.5 to 2 hrs of Z2 per workout. I have dropped the TR endurance day in the plan to compensate. While I am careful to ride in low Z2 to and from the workouts, I am a bit scared of the additional TSS.

Not all TSS is created equally they say so maybe this additional low Z2 TSS is ok?

I’d say that if you’re able to complete the outdoor sessions as prescribed and with good form, the extra TSS is a bonus.

The ride to the quieter roads is a very extended warm up and the return journey is similar to additional Z2 work that other users are adding to the end of their indoor workouts.

I’ve never tried to complete a High Volume plan so I would advise you to listen carefully to your body. Rest and eat well. You’re going to need to fuel properly as the workout intensity increases.

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Not all TSS is created equal is true but that depends on what you want to train. Don’t worry too much but keep in mind what you want to train. Riding Z2 after a workout is awesome training for your aerobic muscle fibers and a bit more fat burning so I’d say go ahead and don’t be afraid of extra TSS. However like @PusherMan says you need to fuel properly and listen to your body.

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Gents, thanks for your feedback.

I do listen closely to my body and place a big emphasis on recovery (sleep, naps, a lot of foam roller, hot-tubbing and stretching.) I am paying more and more attention to fueling though I haven’t quite got that dialed in.

If I fail more than one workout or start to get run down, I plan to step down to the mid-volume plan. I liked the HV plan because of all the SS and it seemed to match my weekly TSS coming into it.

I would advise caution. It’s my understand (reading posts in other threads on this forum), that the Mid Volume plans can actually be harder than the High Volume. That’s due to the Threshold and VO2 Max sessions that can be present. Your desired TSS could derail rapidly.

If it does get too much, I’d suggest dropping down to Low Volume and adding additional Sweet Spot as and when your ready.

Ok, thanks. Noted. Good info.


I finished SSBHV1 with a 7% jump in FTP. Am now in the middle of SSBHV2 and have only missed a few of the workouts. Since I am 53, I have added more rest weeks than the plans call for. I gotta be honest - I am really starting to get sick of sweet spot, lol. The 4 x 20s are deadly.

I read and began to follow The Endurance Diet and I cannot tell you what a game changer that is. I no longer get that just on the edge of falling sick feeling after a hard block. Everyone should read that book!

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