Integrating rides beyond Trainer Road Adaptive Plan

I have set up a plan with 3 training sessions (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday) but I also do other rides on Zwift on Wednesday, TTT race on Thursday and Saturday. How does or does TR incorporate these rides when determining my TR plan? They are being imported with TSS numbers but I don’t classify them 1-5. Thoughts?

If they are unmatched to a TR workout at the moment AT doesn’t take account of them, although I suspect they will influence your AI detected FTP if your using that and the TSS seems to influence Train Now’s recommendation. Even if they are matched though there still a lot of ambiguity in my mind; did I actually achieve the specific benefits of a TR workout on my unstructured ride. Hopefully WL2’s (or is it PL2’s) arrive soon and it’ll correctly (at least thats the hope) attribute an outside to a level of benefit that will affect the plan.

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Adaptive Training does not currently take unstructured rides into account, but the team has repeatedly said this is their number 1 priority. Hopefully it comes soon.

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They don’t integrate currently. If they’re a fairly good match to a workout that’s scheduled then you could try associating a TR ride to them. Might work for your Wednesday ride if it’s something like steady Z2. Probably not so much a race, a TTT is at least predictable in that you’re going to be spending most of it oscillating over and under threshold, but don’t think it would match up very well to any TR workouts.

Do think you may be overdoing it, TR low volume plans typically involve quite a lot of intensity to compensate for the low hours. If you’re topping this up with a bunch of mostly endurance riding that’s fine. But if you’re doing Zwift races twice a week as well then that’s a very top heavy plan with a lot of intensity.

Just finishing up week 2 of my first Trainer Road plan (low volume). I do 2-3 outdoor rides per week on top of the 3 trainer road sessions. Was wondering if this increased TSS over what is recommended by TR is hurting my potential gains from the Trainer road plan. I also go to the gym 2-3 days a week (which they seem to recommend via the podcast). So somedays I am doing a trainer road workout after or before a gym workout or outdoor ride. I haven’t yet failed a ride, not sure what that will look like when it does happen but was just concerned that by overshooting my TSS I’m messing up my Trainer Road plan.

Depends what the outdoor rides are and how much you’re doing in the gym. And how well-trained you already are. And how well you recover.

If you’re in a deep hole in a month’s time, you overdid it. Only way to know for sure is to suck it and see.

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