Outside Workout + Extra


I just started a plan with the Plan builder, and today was a nice day to ride outside so I did my workout outside + some extra z2.

It was a little bit weird so my Garmin uploaded to TR and then I went onto the site and it gave me an adaptation for today instead of mono(which I ignored), It also didn’t automatically link to the Mono workout, I had to do it manually.

Anyway ddi the Mono workout and extra Z2 riding. It only progresses my Threshold and no Z2. Is this normal? Will Adapative training take the z2 into consideration?

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No, AT doesn’t take the extra Z2 into consideration. IIRC, AT doesn’t actually look at the workout itself. It just looks at your survey response and if you marked it easy then it assumes you completed it as prescribed and adjusts your levels accordingly. So if you do extra then it won’t adjust anything based on that. But it’s still excellent for your fitness so don’t stop doing it!

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