Linking Z2 outdoor workouts or letting adaptive training figure it out


When adding Z2/endurance weekend rides to a LV plan, is it worthwhile to try and link these up to workouts in the library (even if its a somewhat imperfect match) so AT can take the ride into account or should I just let adaptive training figure it out based on my survery responses (thereby taking the additional rides into account only indirectly based on how I feel)?


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I went through a spell of doing this and eventually stopped because I wasn’t convinced it was adding any great value.

I don’t have much cycling experience, but if I need to do a TR endurance ride I think I can be trusted to just pick one based on duration and IF, rather than having to have AT recommend one.

I’m not convinced, for me at least, that focussing on my Endurance PL is a good use of my time. It’s easier just to ride for longer and/or nudge up the average power.

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I’ve just associated a Stretch VO2max workout with a 3 hr outside Endurance ride (no VO2max efforts in it) which I did on Friday and marked it as Easy. As soon as I went into the Career page it notified me of impending adaptations which bumped up my planned VO2max workouts (I’ve substituted Polarised for the Base in my Low volume plan). So yes it does inform AT of your progress. Needs to be used wisely though.

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With the exception of traditional base, I don’t think your endurance PL will make any difference to your plan workouts. I’ve been steadily raising my endurance level and it doesn’t cause adaptations to my other workouts (V02 and thresh in build phase).

I’ll occaisionally link Z2 outdoors with Z2 workouts for vanity sakes or whatever I doubt it does much. If its a pretty intense chain gang I’ll associate it with a tempo ride of similar intensity but I’d be vary of associating them with something much higher zone wise which will definitely do something but artificially upping your PL’s and making workouts to hard.

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Yes but unless you link them they don’t appear to have any affect on your TR adaptations and hence the level of your future workouts in your plan.