TR workouts on Zwift

I am new to TR but not new to structured training. I am very, very impressed with the Plan Creator, but especially Adaptive Training. I am doing most TR workouts on Zwift by replicating TR workouts on my plan using the workout creator functions on either TrainingPeaks or Zwift. Those are uploaded to my Zwift workout folder for that particular day. Viola! The best of both worlds in my opinion. My question is this: Does TrainerRoad Adaptive Training recognize and alter my plan and workouts that are done in this fashion, or do they need to be completed on the TR app.?

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On the app unfortunately. I run TR on my phone controlling the turbo, with Zwift on the laptop.


I’d check the Terms and Conditions as it clearly states

“. Attempting to copy, duplicate, reproduce, sell, trade, or resell our Resources is strictly prohibited.”

The best way to use Zwift alongside TR, is to use TR alongside Zwift, either on a separate device, I run them both on my laptop at the same time, and only save the TR workouts, there are plenty of threads about doing so (if you search for Zwift you will find them)


This is what I do and I works flawlessly.

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I tried recreating TR workouts in Zwift but it became a bit of PITA that I started running the two apps concurrently. I run TR on the iPad and Zwift on AppleTV. Works great.


I like having both on one screen, and use #2 in this:

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Yes adaptive training works doing it this way. Once your Zwift ride is uploaded and shows in the TR calendar you can match it to the TR planned ride and enter your response and it will check it for adaptive training.

Bluetooth and ANT+ or 2 x ANT+

I’ve tried Bluuetooth and ANT+ on the same device but the signals seem to block each other out. Hence me having to use 2 devices, but one would be my preference.

Pushing the workouts to a garmin head unit as an “outside workout” is also a workable solution.

I currently use a windows PC so can have both TR and Zwift/RGT running on that.

Do you not find this setup really boring?

My personal solution is to either run the workout in zwift or use the TR app and watch Netflix. I don’t know why but I just find doing it the way you have described as tedious.

Since you’re paying for both subscriptions, there is zero gain and only pain in reproducing the TR workouts into Zwift. As many have suggested, running both apps in parallel gives you the best solution to attain your goal. There are multiple ways of doing this, multiple threads on how to do it, and multiple users here who can help you debug any issues you may encounter.

I do it just like in the article, with one BT and one ANT+

Did you remember to turn off “controllable” in Zwift?


It is boring if I’m doing an endurance workout. If that’s the case, I’ll do what you do and put on Netflix. (I just finished Season 1 of Casa de Papel. My Spanish is okay, but I need the subtitles to keep up.)

But if it’s a VO2max or Anaerobic workout with lots of wattage changes, I need to pay more attention to the TR graph because I have a dumb trainer, so I run Zwift then. It’s engaging and distracting enough, but not so much that I can’t focus on TR, if that makes sense.

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Exactly the same setup that I use, although I do have problems getting the iPad to recognize my Kickr Core via Ant+, I often have to restart TR to get the trainer to be recognised, otherwise perfect.

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Same here. Anything hard and I just have music on.

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My thing is I don’t like erg mode for training that’s why I want the workout in Zwift I like the road feel of my neo