There are many questions for newcomers, can you help me please?

Hi everyone, I just subscribed to trainerroad and have been using zwift for a long time.

  1. I would like to use zwift while running trainerroad. i.e. follow trainerroad’s course rides and free ride on zwift (I just do it for the miles and badges, and the strava sync, which is indeed beautifully done for social sharing)
    Is the best way to experience this is an ipad running zwift via bluetooth and a phone running trainerroad via another bluetooth? Or do you run both programs with a computer and just need an ant data? Or do you have a better and more stable method?
  2. I know trainerroad can connect to garmin connect and strava account, but I just want to receive garmin data without sending to garmin, while not receiving strava data, but sending training results to strava.
    I don’t know if this is possible, because I have a garmin sports watch, and to detect pressure and vo2 data, I record sports data on my watch when I ride indoors, so I don’t want to have any duplicate data in my account
  3. training plan I found in the iron three plan, but for autumn or winter, the temperature is too cold, I do not have the habit of winter swimming, forced swimming means I will definitely runny nose that day :joy:. So in cold weather, I will only do bike and run training, running about twice a week and cycling training the rest of the time. I had to cancel my triathlon course in favor of a road cycling course in order to not have a swim plan, but am lacking in running training, so I’m wondering if anyone has any good solutions?
  4. I saw adaptive training inside the forum, it seems that the training plan is automatically adjusted by ai calculating the current state, I just subscribed, I don’t see any adaptive training, please tell me how to do it?

Question 1.


Question 2.

Don’t worry - the systems recognise duplicate workouts so you just get one copy of each workout in each system.

Question 4.

Adaptive Training is in a closed beta at the moment - you have to ask to join - it is separate from a standard subscription account. Not everyone who has asked has joined (as far as I know). I have not checked but I don’t think tri plans are part of AT, might be wrong on that bit.