Zwift rides sync to TR?

I understand that there is no option to push TR workouts into Zwift - fine with that. I wouldn’t expect TR to make workouts compatible with Zwift - different platforms. However, I’ve been doing my long rides on Zwift to take the edge off this lockdown. I don’t want to give up my TR workouts, but I’m also looking for some gamification to keep me motivated so I’m currently doing TR workouts off my phone in ERG mode (bluetooth) while being on Zwift via laptop (bluetooth) where TR/phone control my Kickr. But in case I do a race, what options do I have to sync Zwift workouts back to TR calendar so that I can track my TSS via TR?

  1. Sync my Zwift workout to Strava to sync it back to TR?
  2. Use my wahoo head unit during Zwift ride/race and sync that to TR?

Is that it?

I just let Zwift control my trainer and run a Free Ride session on TrainerRoad. Works well.


I sync Zwift to Strava and Strava to TR. By doing so, if I do a Zwift ride it automatically appears in my TR calendar. Very simple.


Ditto, same sync setup here and it works fine.

And if the OP does not already know, it is possible to blend the apps in a number of ways beside the separated use and linking already mentioned.

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Your #1 option is what I do. Zwift -> Strava -> TR. Works fine.


ditto, Zwift to Strava.

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thanks for confirming. i don’t have ANT+ so when i came across the SMART Bike Trainers article i thought it wouldn’t be possible using bluetooth on my laptop to connect to TR AND Zwift without a separate ant+ connection.

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Keep in mind, if you have a Wahoo Kickr18 or Core, you can use the latest firmware to open three total BLE connections from the trainer. So it makes it easy now, if all you have is BLE products.

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Before the lockdown, I was doing my TR weekend workouts outside as a part of longer rides.

Now, I’m doing the same but switching outdoors for Zwift.

Since I find Zwift much more enjoyable when you get to participate in group rides and feel the course, I load the TR workouts on my head unit and loosely follow them while enjoying the gamification of Zwift.


This totally changed my life when Chad told me this a few weeks ago. Been on a Zwift + TR rampage every since.


So you can run TR and Zwift, for example, from the same laptop without the need for ANT+?

That I don’t know. I’ve never tested 2 BLE connections to a single device, running 2 apps.

The ones that do work is running 2 apps on two devices (laptop & phone for example).

Maybe someone else has done you idea?


I see what you’re saying. If I had a 2018 Kickr, I could run both TR and Zwift on two separate devices using BLE for each. That makes sense.

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Hello everyone!

I run Zwift and TR on my PC (not apple) simultaneously. Zwift is Ant+ and TR is Bluetooth. The trick for me is I start up Zwift first. On the opening screen I deactivate the trainer control for Zwift. Once I chose where I’m riding and what bike I want to ride (Tron or Shiv), I load the map and start peddling. Then I’ll launch the TR app on my laptop. Once it’s loaded, I’ll do a calibration for my Kickr Snap. When that’s done I go to my calendar and load the TR workout. Finally, I size the windows of TR and Zwift and away I go!

Two side notes:

  1. A couple of months back I had Bluetooth drop out issues. I upgraded to Windows 10 and zero issues since. I have an Ant+ & Bluetooth dongle that sit down by my Kickr.

  2. Podcast got me on Zwift and Zwift keeps me on my bike and TR keeps me on Zwift. :thinking: :exploding_head:

i think your success with Ant+ is because of your PC…

i tried the same startup as you and I can’t get TR and Zwift on a macbook without purchasing a Ant+ dongle. it’s not the end of the world but during intervals I sometimes lose track of when to pickup the cadence before a sprint since I have the laptop and phone to watch.

He has a dongle, 2 of them.

I have a MacBook. No problems. I use an ANT+ dongle. I have 2 of them. I prefer ANT+ to BT, but have run it with ANT+ and BT as well, no problems.

@Rocket_Rambo I’m not sure what you’re asking. You have question in the title, but not the body. FWIW, I bounce off Strava. I also bounce off Garmin Connect, but it’s more restrictive in what is shared. I believe it might share a Zwift ride though, as that’s treated differently than a pure trainer ride, in that it might broadcast it to various services, instead of not broadcasting the workout.

One thing to note when doing a Zwift ride and uploading that file to TR is that any warm up you do before the race in the pen is not recorded.

Any ideas why Zwift -> Garmin -> TR does not work? Zwift rides appear in Garmin Connect, but do not get pushed to TR. Regular rides recorded using Edge sync fine to TR.

Garmin only pushes out workouts generated on it’s devices, which is fair enough, it’s not trying to be strava, so if you link TR to Garmin, they won’t appear in strava or training peaks, strava is just a gate kepper so will sync what ever it gets with what ever is linked to it


That is terrific info, thanks!

Two questions:

  1. With TR controlling the trainer, the terrain in Zwift shouldn’t matter, right? You’ll just put out whatever power the TR workout is asking for. So you could, for example, do a recovery ride up Alpe d’ Huez?

  2. Do you leave the controllable trainer setting in Zwift blank?

  3. For power source in zwift, do you select your trainer or your powermeter? In theory it shouldn’t matter, because TR is controlling the trainer so both should be putting out about the same numbers. But it’s probable that power meters in general can’t take multiple BLE connections, so the trainer might be the safer bet.