Adaptive Training and Zwift

So I’ve been using an Echelon EX-3 and Zwift and wanted to switch to something more structured for workouts. Enter TrainerRoad. I currently have to build my TR workouts in Zwift due to something not working right now between my setup and TR (I have a ticket in).

Once I complete the workout in Zwift, it pulls into TR and I match it to my workout for the day that was set up.

My question is if the adaptive training is actually taking that workout in Zwift into consideration since I matched it up. It appears that it is since my progression numbers are changing? I’ve only done two workouts so I’m still new to this. Also, does it ever give you workouts that are just TOO hard? And if so, what happens? Lol

Thanks for any help!

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This seems like a lot to do, why not run TR and Zwift simultaneously? Let TR have control over your trainer if you on a smart trainer.

Or if you want to feel the Zwift terrain, just let it read out the power meter (and not control the trainer).

I didn’t think that TR let you export workouts to Zwift for copyright reasons. The simpler approach would be just to run TR and Zwift in parallel. Besides I think at the moment by matching the up TR counts the Zwift ride as a pass (or done) unless your survey says otherwise. Running TR in parallel will allow AT to do a more detailed analysis of your TR recorded run and give you better adaptions.

So my current ticket with TR is that sees my trainer, but the metrics freeze after about 10 seconds. It stills controls my trainer and everything, for example, it wanted me at 160w and put me there, but the screen read 48w. On completion, it just showed that 48w from when it “froze”. So I’m concerned that even if I run in parallel, my workout won’t be correct in TR. I would love to do just TR.

You probably already know this (I see your ticket comment), but just in case, this is what people are recommending you do. I like #2, but they all work.

Sounds like a software issue with TR. I hope support can sort you out as that sounds frustrating.

and yet another guide for people that may stumble across this thread How-To: Using Zwift and TrainerRoad Concurrently | DC Rainmaker

trying to reinvigorate this thread since it’s been awhile.

I have been building TR workouts in zwift bc i get bored easily.
wondering if i increase intensity on zwift to 105%, does this get incorporated into AT?

or do I need to do training in TR + zwift? and increase intensity in TR for AT to “see” that increase.

  • Yes & No. Your Zwift workout/ride is essentially like any other ride imported to TR that is not an actual TR workout. That means that TR treats it like a Pass/Fail, and gives you full credit if you link it to a planned TR workout.

  • How closely you met the targets is not factored in any way. You will get the official Progression Level increase even if you fell far short, or wildly exceeded the initial targets. As of now, there is no “extra credit” or “penalty” this this type of non-TR workout.

  • Only when TR release Workout Levels Version 2 will this and any other non-TR workout get more appropriate impact to PL’s.