Feature Request: Ability to do TR workouts as Zwift custom workout

Fairly new to TR but have been using Zwift for a few years. Earlier this fall I demo’s a training plan via Training Peaks which synced to Zwift and allow the workouts to be done in Zwift. Each workout would show up in my custom workouts tab in Zwift for the day it was scheduled then disappear after it was completed or the day was over. No way to copy/steal a workout to my knowledge.

I prefer the more engaging feel of Zwift’s workouts, but don’t care for their training plans and inability to create your own plan On the flip side, I like what I see in TRs plans, but don’t care for the boring interface.

Currently I am running TR to control my trainer and Zwift to make it a more pleasant experience. This is working ok, but it would be nice to have the workout synced and have full Zwift workout experience with banners, etc.

In short, if other platforms can share workouts to Zwift without fear of workouts being stolen, why can’t TrainerRoad?

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Maybe they just don’t want to?

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The the idea of downloading w/o files then uploading to Zwift, while passable is starting to seem a bit low tech… What would be great would be if TR player could be embeddable in Zwift / ROUVY etc as a feature for those with subs to both, as opposed to all of the current contrived “workaround” solutions.

There were rumors earlier this year that Zwift was going to acquire TR…or at least form some sort of a partnership. It never materialized…and given the reported financial health of Zwift, that is probably a good thing.

At the end of the day, Zwift and TR are competitors……so don’t expect to see TR plans show up on Zwift anytime soon.


I have done this the long winded way. I load workout in Trainer Road and simply copy it into Zwift custom workout. Its a fair bit of effort, but once you have done a few its pretty quick. I personally run TR and Zwift on laptop together, TR controls power and Zwift just gets the ‘TR Feed’ to push my avatar along. The custom workouts were done for my wife who isnt on TR, but wants some useful stuff on zwift.

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It’s a shame they haven’t/Wont’t do this, with the increase in cost as result of legacy pricing changing I am considering my options as I will no longer be able to justify both. As it stands my money is probably going to be going to Zwift.

I wonder how many users would benefit from a seamless sync with Zwift over some of the other features they are working on.

But there is no increase in cost unless you choose to increase the cost.

Again, Zwift is a direct competitor to TR. Why would TR do this (even if some customers want it)?

Just FYI…this is technically a violation of the TR ToS.


Hey there @Sticksy !

Just like @Power13 mentioned, the change in Legacy Pricing is opt-out, so you are more than welcome to remain at your original Legacy Price. To be clear, you will still have access to all of TR’s features, including all future updates we have on the way!

If you’d like to make any changes to your Legacy subscription, make sure you’re logged into your TR account, and you can then do so here.

While we don’t offer any official compatibility with Zwift, we recognize that athletes like to use both platforms. DC Rainmaker has a good article on running both programs concurrently if you’re interested in checking out his recommendations!


Does the algorithm “learn as well” if the workout is executed on another platform?

Not at present, with respect to Adaptive Training and related Progression Levels. That should change when Workout Levels Version 2 is released, as it’s meant to cover all the “unstructured” stuff that comes from sources other than TR App driven workouts.

That said, AI FTP Detection works differently and will use ALL of the cycling files imported to your TR career (TR, non-TR, etc.).


I don’t think it does at the moment. I occasionally replicate the daily work out in TrainingPeaks which will sync to RGT (I assume its the same process for Zwift) but TR seems to process it as a custom work out (Upsetting your current PLs) and I’m not sure if it actually learns of it. Hopefully WL2 will address that. What I do currently is run TR on my Phone and RGT/Zwift on my laptop both reading of my Ant + Power meter and choose which app I want to control the Trainer.

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I’ve been using TR+Zwift together for workouts for a long time now and have shifted methods a few times along the way. Currently I’m really liking the both on the same iPad option. Really feel like it does a great job of improving my engagement with both systems as I train.

If you’ve got the right equipment it might be worth a try. DCR outlines how to set this up in the link shared earlier in this thread.



At least you had some intensity to go along with your stage of TdZ…I had to do Homer’s Nose today for Stage 2. Suffice to say I did not finish…very far up. :crazy_face:

Yea, my finishing positions in those events are not impressive at all, but I still like doing them this way. For this one I timed it so the first 9 min interval was synced with the start of the event. Stayed nicely with the front of the group for the interval and then got dropped like a rock once the recovery valley started :rofl:

Yup…that is the way to do it. NEVER start the workout when the flag drops…unless you like being last, of course! :crazy_face:

On Stage 1, I was (of course) way back in the group…a guy I ride with locally caught up to me at the base of the steep climb ~5K form the line, just as I was finishing a recovery interval. Almost to the second that he caught me, the next interval kicked in and I was gone. Completely looked like I attacked him once he caught me. :rofl: :rofl:

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This is what I do currently, except I’m using an AppleTV for Zwift and a Surface Pro for TR. It works, but it is a work around. Just don’t space out during a recovery block and miss the start of a power block! Having the visual start/end arches in Zwift is a nice feature rather than having to check the countdown timer in the TR window…

The reason I brought this up originally was from my experience with seamless syncing between Zwift and Training Peaks workouts. Each day a workout was scheduled it would show up in my custom workouts folder. Once completed or the next day it was gone. This basic functionality is already used for syncing TR workouts to a Garmin/Wahoo computer so why can’t it be adapted to Zwift?

I think we’ve all done that regardless of setup. Nothing worse than feeling a Vo2 interval start and you spinning at 100 watts spaced out!

I like tweaking my set up semi-frequently just to keep it interesting. I’ve done my last few rides using my Mac Book Pro and a monitor I had laying around. It’s kinda fun. Definitely like having Z+TR on the same screen.

Honestly, that’s my strategy. Then I spend all workout seeing how many people I can pick off. There’s always one more group up the road you’ll want to catch. I sometimes find myself mad that intervals aren’t just a few seconds longer so I can make contact.

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Yup…done that, too. Helps make the intervals go by faster. I did one of the stages this year almost DFL and worked my way up to the top half of the field.

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I like running TR on my iPad and Zwift on my computer with a dongle. I learned that whichever activity I save first is the one that gets posted on Strava.